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Kurtas with palazzo pants one-piece dress designs


Priya Chaudhary has always harbored a keen desire to upgrade the already existing fashion market. She wants this with one of her very own labels-a birthing of a very progressive venture that has given a wholly new meaning to the one word that rules in everyone's mind-'Fashion'. It is inspired by the travel journeys that took her to India's nook and corner, subsequently making its full impact when she met artisans in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Lucknow. These encounters paved the way for unleashing in her a kind of creative spark that signaled a significant shift in traditional forms of ethnic wear. By all means, being ethnic has just opened new horizons by way of curating new forms of clothing, where style meets elegance and where comfort always comes in a finely modern and exquisite package called luxury.

Our Journey of Clothing Artistry