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2021’s Top 5 Must-have Dupattas

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2021’s Top 5 Must-have Dupattas

Dupatta is not only an attractive piece of clothing but also one of the most prominent cultural symbols that date its relevance back from the first civilization in India. The word dupatta derives its meaning from a Sanskrit Middle Indic combination of “du” that connotes “two” and paṭta that means “a strip of cloth,” both of which means a scarf doubled overhead.

For the longest time, dupattas or shawl drapes are worn by women as an accompaniment with their ethnic outfits. It is undeniably the most valuable accessory that can accentuate your boring outfit to glam queen one. Read on to find a complete low-down on the 2021’s Top 5 Must-have Dupattas that you can adorn on your next OTT desi outfit!

Feel the Lush with Leheriya Dupatta

Leheriya cotton dupatta is an ideal accessory for summer. It amplifies your traditional Indian look with the opulence of style and elegance. The dupatta fabric is exceptionally lightweight, which makes it very easy to carry throughout the day. These dupatta fabrics and styles are famous among youngsters as they can style this print with absolutely any outfit to shield themselves against the sun or merely to look chic.

Style tip: We suppose that the best way to style lehriya dupatta (ethnic style) is by pairing it over your cotton-tiered bandhani kurta set. You can also style this dupatta with your shorts and tie it around using a belt.

Shop the look: If you wish to buy a leheriya cotton dupatta for yourself, you need to navigate to Priya Chaudhary label’s official website. These dupattas are available in three different colors: pink, purple, and yellow, each made using the finest quality cotton.  

Style Your Outstanding Self with Organza Dupatta


People usually misinterpret organza dupatta for net dupatta. Both of them are entirely different as the net is made after knotting and weaving threats, whereas organza is made after twisting silk yarn and filament. The tensile strength of the fabric is increased after synthetically weaving nylon and polyester threads. Organza fabric extracts its sheer nature and sheen from the silk yarns. This is exactly why ladies are switching from net dupattas to organza dupatta.

Style tip: Organza works ideally with all kurta sets. But if you want a sure short outfit to try Chanderi silk. Buy a designer Chanderi silk outfit, and then pick the dupatta in the same color. It will raise your fashion quotient to par excellence.

Shop the look: Organza dupattas are the highest selling dupatta trend for 2021. Women love the sheerness and lightweight nature of the product. If you wish to try it, you can find your perfect fit on Priya Chaudhary Label. The lady has designed beautiful dupattas in seven different colors: sea green, blue, pink, yellow, brown, green, and purple. All of these pieces feature a scalloped design and a unique gota detailing on edge.

Lit Up With A Phulkari Dupatta!

The first dupatta that every woman must store in her closet is a phulkari. The fabric and design are synonyms of colorful vibrance. They depict the vibe of flowers (phul) and craft (Kari) that Punjab blankets in each of its articles. For many cults in Punjab, phulkari is an auspicious accessory that they adorn on the day of their wedding, and therefore it is beyond just craft.

The phulkari design depicts the true epitome of bright, bold colors that are weaved together on a coarse cotton cloth.

Style tip: Usually, people invest in phulkari to showcase their love for hues and motif print. But remember that the dupatta is already weaved to perfection and frankly falls on the louder side due to its design. So, remember if you style any outfit that too is loud with phulkari, it will look OTT. Therefore, the best way to style phulkari is with a simple (plain) block color outfit with very little to no design.

Strait Sheer Beauty With A Net Dupatta

Subtle versatile net dupattas are every girl’s ethnic outfit friend. Net is one of the cheapest fabrics available in the market that has the quality of holding heavy embroidery (hand and machine). They are partners on almost all ethnic heavy outfits because of the effortless beauty it accents.

Style tip: Pick a blingy designer dupatta with spunky print or embellishments, and you are all set to ace your ethnic look. You can also select a tonal dupatta and pair it with a highly embellished kurta set or lengha.

Mesmerizing Spectacle with Madhubani Dupatta!

Madhubani is a well-renowned style of Indian painting that is practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar. It is one of the longest-standing art forms that typically depicts human existence in nature and elaborates on their connection with the world around. Madhubani paintings usually have images of motifs that are curated uniquely and distinctively. Here the painting is done using fingers, twigs, nib-pens, and matchsticks. Art lovers believe that a painter dips the brush in the natural dye and paints the reflection of eye-catchy geometric patterns with his soul.

Style tip: Earlier, the painting was limited to canvas, but it has made its way on outfits with time. Countless outfits invest hours in curating something unique. Therefore the best way to style this loud design is with a minimal complimenting color outfit.

If you liked our selection for the 2021’s Top 5 Must-have Dupattas, visit the Priya Chaudhary Label and navigate to their blog section for finding more lifestyle suggestions. The company has one of the best eclectic indo-western clothes that can be perfect adornments for your wardrobe.

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