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Best Karwa Chauth Gift For Wife

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Best Karwa Chauth Gift For Wife

Karwa Chauth is the epitome festival celebrating the love and the sanctity of marriage. It indisputably is the most popular Indian festival with the loudest drumbeat in northern India. Karwa Chauth derives its meaning from two words, “Karwa,” which means a small earthen pot filled with water, and “Chauth,” the fourth day of Karthik paksha. The word’s meaning signifies that the occasion falls on the fourth day after the Poornima of Kartik paksha.

History of Karwa Chauth

The festival of Karwa Chauth is related to several old stories. These legends or myths depict how women have made sacrifices for their spouses and how their love is pure and eternal. According to one tradition, there once was a beautiful queen named Veervati. She was married to a gorgeous king and had seven brothers. She observed her first Karwa Chauth by following a strict fast during the first year of her marriage. She began to feel nervous as the night came nearer due to acute thirst and hunger. She, on the other hand, refused to eat or drink anything. Her brothers had had enough of watching her suffer and decided to take action. They used the pipal tree in their backyard to make a mirror and fooled Veervati into thinking the moon had risen. She gave in to their persuasion and ended her fast.

Unfortunately, word of her beloved husband’s death arrived. Veervati was heartbroken and began heading towards her husband’s house. Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati stop her on the way and explain how her brothers deceived her. Veervati receives a few droplets of Maa Parvati’s sacred blood after Maa Parvati chops off her finger. She warns Veervati to be cautious during her following fasts. Veervati sprinkles holy blood on her husband’s lifeless body, and he miraculously comes back to life. Veervati was reunited with her husband in this way due to her enormous love, sacrifice, and dedication.

Ideal Colors to wear

All women who observe this fast spend a lot of time and effort to look better than ever before! They decide on the best bright color outfits and saloon-finished hair as this is their diva day. When is everything being celebrated according to Hindu mythology? What if we reveal a way where you can dress according to it too? Yes, that’s true! Here are the colors that women can

wear according to the Zodiac signs on Karwa Chauth. Now if you wish to be creative you can give your wife Gift for karwa chauth according to her zodiac sign.

Aries - Pink

The entire modern take on Karwa Chauth is to show your love for your husband

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According to the spiritual manuals, pink is the color of femininity and romance. The entire modern take on Karwa Chauth is to show your love for your husband. It is a hue that is believed to increase your self-esteem and boost you with new rays of confidence. Pink for Aries is known to protect them from the uncertainty they have for themselves.

Taurus - Peach

Peach color in the color of 2021! We have seen so many people experimenting with this color. Taureans, by nature, have a little high temperament; hence, the prime reason why it is beneficial to wear peach on Karwa Chauth for Taureans is that it helps them manage and control all the negative thoughts and obtain control over their senses or Indiriya.

Gemini - Green

The color green represents tranquility. It is believed to bring peace and good health and encourages growth. If you are bored of wearing red and pink on Karwa Chauth, this can be the next best alternative. It’s bright, modern, and above all, Karwa Chauth-like!

Cancer - Grey

bring luck and satisfaction to Karwa Chauth

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Grey for Cancerians is believed to bring luck and satisfaction to Karwa Chauth. It allows them to feel empowered with everything in their control.

Leo - Purple

Purple is the color of luck. Not only is it beautiful to adorn, but it also has multiple spiritual values. This soft hue is ideal for Karwa Chauth if you don’t like to go for bright colors.

Virgo - Green

Virgos should wear anything green on Karwa Chauth. The color green will bring fresh energy and will bring luck and fulfillment for Virgos.

Libra - White

bring you good luck and victory dresses

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It will guarantee you are surrounded by positivity and will bring you good luck and victory. 

Scorpio - Magenta/ Red

Magenta/red is the lucky color for Scorpio. It is an auspicious and bright color and will give you strength, positivity, courage, and confidence. The color undeniably is one of the most common choices for married ladies on Karwa Chauth.

Sagittarius - Yellow

The color yellow is serendipitous for Sagittarians to wear on Karwa Chauth. This will impact your day positively and will help you balance your inner powers.

Capricorn - Blue

The color blue is said to be auspicious for Capricorn. It symbolizes confidence and connectivity and will help achieve mental stability.

Aquarius - Orange

Orange is a perfect color for every occasion

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Orange is a perfect color for every occasion, not just Karwa Chauth, especially for Aquarius. It tends to bring tranquility and happiness to the zodiac signs.

Pisces - Pale Red

Styling in pale red on Karwa Chauth

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Styling in pale red on Karwa Chauth for Pisces allows them to carry the tasks efficiently. It keeps them sane, happy, and highly calm to face even the most challenging situations.

Different Narratives Around Karwa Chauth

Many different assumptions and narratives surround why Karwa Chauth is celebrated. Some of the most prevalent are:

  • The most common hypothesis is that men used to serve in military campaigns that used to be far from their homes. They would leave their home and go to a far-off place without wives and children to protect their country. Wives of those soldiers would observe fast to seek blessings for their husband’s long life from the almighty.
  • Another narrative surrounding the Karwa Chauth celebration is that it refines the feminine bonds. The primary explanation is that a new bride leaves her paternal home and resides with her husband and family. Due to the prevalence of arranged marriage, it is believed that she doesn’t know anyone and has no emotional support in the initial years. Hence the custom arose of “Kangan Saheli” (a new friend) and “Dharam Behan” (sisters). This bond supporting the emotion of one another became pure and akin to a blood relation, and to celebrate this love, the festival of Karwa Chauth began. The transfer of thali in the pooja and the entire pooja supports this beautiful belief.
  • Karwa Chauth coincides with the Rabi crop cycle (the wheat sowing season). Furthermore, Karwa itself means the earthen pots filled with water and wheat. Hence the second belief states the fast is observed to pray for a fruitful harvest.

How is Karwa Chauth Celebrated?

Karwa Chauth is a one-day occasion whereby married women (especially Hindu women) observe fast for their spouse’s love, health, and long life. The celebrations begin at sunrise and end at moonrise. Ladies start their day by having sargi (a traditional feist given to them by their mother-in-law). After this meal, the ladies observe a nirjala vrat (water abstain fast) until they see the moon, the celestial body according to Hindu mythology.

Women gather in groups to perform various poojas for their spouses’ happy and prosperous life throughout the day. This festival is a women’s way of bringing peace, unbreakable love, and ultimate joy to their marriage.

The Ultimate Karwa Chauth Hustle

There are numerous preparations to be made for Karwa Chauth. Women who are observing Karwa Chauth begin preparing for the Vrat months ahead of time. This is a highly significant event for a newlywed couple, and they have a lot to consider for their first Karwa Chauth. The Solah Shringar of the ladies is the essential aspect of the Karwa Chauth vrat. The first thing you should do is choose your attire carefully to don’t drive your husband insane. In the evening of Karwa Chauth, all eyes are on a newly wedded bride. So, ladies, on October 24th, you must look your best. Yes! The date is approaching quickly, and you have less time to prepare.

I understand how tough it is to choose the proper clothing when so many options and suggestions are available! But take a deep breath. We’re here to provide you with great unique ideas for traditional and innovative clothing that will make you appear as beautiful as the moon for the next two weeks. We’ve collected some exquisite Karwa Chauth dress ideas to make you appear gorgeous on your Karwa Chauth, keeping in mind the tastes of modern brides.

Now, ladies, believe me when I say that you will have everyone staring at you, I speak the truth. So, what do you have to lose? Let’s have a look at the fantastic costumes, so you slay this Karwa Chauth and be the center of attention in the moonlight.

PCL Karwa Chauth Collection: Best Gift for Wife PCL knows the essence of Karwa Chauth for married women, and being a newlywed myself, I understand how difficult it might be for you to select an outfit that makes eyes turn. Therefore, we have come up with a beautiful mini collection primarily for Karwa Chauth. Here are a few products that are our ultimate favorite. You can check the style tips and tricks and then buy beautiful outfits for yourself or give them away as Karwa Chauth Gift to your wife.

Swirl in Red

This is our ultimate favorite piece! Also, we all know that red is the color of Karwa Chauth, especially for the beautiful new brides. This PCL kurta is designed keeping in mind precisely that. It features heavy gold embroidery on the entire neck and hand. Not just that, the set is adorned with Chanderi silk pants with an organza net border around the hem. This PCL kurta set is designed to perfection with a careful eye on every tiny detail.

Best Style tips

The kurta is the epitome of beauty in itself, and even if you don’t wish to accessorize it any further, we understand it. However, here are a few tips to style this outfit on Karwa Chauth and not look garnished.

  • Note that the neck of the kurta is in a simple round shape which provides you the scope to experiment with this PCL article. So, we suggest that you get your gold sets from the bank and adorn them. Avoid layering necklaces; just go for that one classic piece.
  • As the outfit has a net hem border, we suggest that you go for either strappy heels in red/ gold or go for desi juties. Both undoubtedly will elevate the entire look differently.
  • For the hairstyle, you can either go for a classic bun with Gajras (it’s ok to be too much sometimes) or for a messy side braid.
  • Go for smoky eyes and add your favorite nude shade lipstick. You can go for red lips and light makeup, too. Come on, after all it’s Karwa Chauth!

Romance the Pink

Pink and grey are the Romeo and Juliet of colors. There is no better pairing than those colors, yet it’s somehow difficult to find this coordination. We know the love people have for this color and therefore have come up with this gorgeous article. This outfit has everything just right!

Classy color, minimal design, and perfect look for Karwa Chauth. The kurta is adorned with a minimal Angrakha design which gives it a flowy look. What brightens up the entire feel of the outfit are the pants and dupatta. We agree with you that the kurta is plain and minimal; however, the palazzo pants’ gold detailing and the dupatta’s scalloped design clearly amplifies the set’s look and feel.

Best Style Tips

never tried maang tikka

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Are you like me, who pictures how I will style the outfit and then buy it? Well, don’t worry, we have plenty of ideas for you to style it.

  1. The outfit is on the simple side, so be creative while styling it. Start by adding blingy Kundan necklace set with matching earrings. If you have never tried maang tikka, it might be a perfect time.
  2. Go for grey silver heels with a chunky strap. You can also try Kolhapuris with a silver metallic finish. I know it will be both experimental and classy!
  3. We are unsure about buns for the hairstyle, but you can definitely go for straight hair or a messy braid. Keep the makeup light and add the same shade of pink to outshine the entire look.
  4. The dupatta is kind of a must on Karwa Chauth, so we suggest that you buy the entire set when you navigate to our website to shop.

Put on your red dress and shed away the blues.

For Karwa Chauth, you need to be red, all the way down to the tips of your toes! With this beautiful kurta set, I am sure your red dream will come true. We at PCL pay a lot of attention to every minute detail, and this outfit is no exception. There are countless times we heard that there is a shade of red for every lady we genuinely stick to that belief. If you, like me, are fans of minimalist designs that stand out, this is your godsent piece.

The kurta set just doesn’t go out and about and still is a considerable choice for Karwa Chauth. This red kurta set features nothing but a gold line design on the neck and hem of the pants. But what uplift the entire feel of the outfit is its purple dupatta with a scalloped gold border design.

Best Style tips

styling for Karwa Chauth dresses

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  1. This kurta neck features a collar design, so if you have to go for just a chain or kitty set. Having said that, we are not asking you to tone down the entire jewelry. Remember that you are styling for Karwa Chauth so go for heavy jhumkas and wear meenakari or pola bangles.
  2. Please don’t go for loose hair because it will hide your earrings. Go for a sleek hairstyle, preferably a bun.
  3. One additional tip is to go for an extravagantly stylish clutch, sling, or cross-body bag. It will look effortless and experimental at the same time.

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