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Breathable Kurti Fabric for Summer 2021

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Breathable Kurti Fabric for Summer 2021

The blistering summer heat has forced us to desperately look for fabrics and outfits that can provide some support to keep ourselves cool. There are numerous fabric materials available in the market. Still, you might be facing a dilemma about finding a fabric that looks fashionable or stick to something that will be comfortable and soothing to the skin. But why do we have to select either why not enjoy the benefits of both the criteria?

We struggle to decide what to wear when the sun beats down on the head. When it comes to summer and talking about comfort, what else is better than styling kurta and palazzo pants? After deciding what you need to wear, we need to select a kurta fabric that doesn’t stick to the body and is optimal for summer. One can't imagine wearing velvet Kurti set in the blasting heat of India. Therefore select a material that is sensitive on the skin, looks fashionable, and at the same time saves you from the beating heart.

Whenever we look out for fabrics to wear in summer, the first thing that comes to our mind undeniably is cotton. But as we said, there are a lot of fabrics that work well for summers. Navigate right through the article to discover the most fashionable and comfortable top Kurti fabric for beating summer 2021.

Cotton Fabric

As we reckoned that cotton is the best fabric for summer 2021 well not only this year but for decades before and we are sure it will be in trend for decades after. It works like a towel on the skin that swats away the sweat and extra skin moisture. It is a good insulator that doesn’t stick to the skin and prevents the risk of sweat-patches, rashes, and allergies.

The fabric has been popular for decades due to its thermal insulation feature that reduces heat transfer even when you are involved in an intense workout. Another variation is mule cotton that is extremely comfortable and even more fashionable.

Chikankari Fabric

Chikankari fabric is the second hit when it comes to fabrics for summer. It is just like cotton and is highly soothing to the skin. Furthermore, it offers a considerable fit to every person and features pastel shades and intricate designs. Believe it or not, they are irresistible for ladies who like to showcase elegance and class. Not only summers but these fabrics are perfect for layering as a silhouette for the humid season.


Rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber that is famous for its smooth texture. The fabric resembles an identical refined appearance and touch of silk and wool. But unlike certain silk material and wool, the cloth is highly absorbent and doesn’t insulate the body head. The soft texture of the fabric makes it highly useful in summer and humid seasons.

Chanderi silk

People usually have a myth inscribed in their minds that silk is not suitable for summers. The myth is not entirely wrong because silk can be a little uncomfortable in summer months, but not all silk fabrics. Chanderi Silk, for one, is a highly lightweight fabric and is exceptionally comforting to wear no matter how hot the weather is. The material is made using a blend of cotton, light silk, and zari. Usually, Chanderi silk is used in sarees, but due to its vogue, bright colors, and sheen, it is now used highly in kurtas as well. You can ask your tailor to design a matching Chanderi silk Kurti suit and then style it with an organza dupatta.


Linen fabric is available in several standards, and due to the cloth’s superiority, it falls on the expensive side. A simple linen shirt will probably cost you over two thousand rupees. However, if you get a Kurta in linen, you will soon realize how comfortable and durable it is, and this is exactly why people don’t mind spending a few additional bucks. Not just Kurta, the fabric is famous in shirts, pants, and sarees.


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