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Bridesmaid Dream: Ideal Outfits For Every Wedding Function

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Bridesmaid Dream: Ideal Outfits For Every Wedding Function

The season of weddings is upon us! And there’s nothing more exciting than picking out a showstopper ensemble for the big day and all the other festive affairs surrounding it. At an Indian wedding ceremony, whether you’re a bridesmaid or just a guest, you need to look your best. It is not only for your benefit but also for the sake of Indian wedding etiquette. Though there remain no restrictions on what you can wear to an Indian wedding, you may have difficulty selecting the appropriate Indian wedding guest costume due to the differences in Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim wedding customs and ceremonies. The difficulty is that you must appear attractive while adhering to the dress code of Indian weddings in various cultures.

With this advice on ideal outfits for every wedding function for all types of weddings, including Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim weddings, PCL is here to save the day. Let’s get started and explore some perfect Indian bridesmaid dresses 2021 out there.

Indian Wedding Outfits For A Female Guest

Right Indian Wedding Outfits For A Female Guest

Keep the following Indian wedding etiquettes in mind before making any decisions about what to wear:

  • Leverage the power of the theme: As part of a single wedding ceremony, you could attend multiple activities, so make the necessary preparations. When it comes to a traditional ceremony symbolizing their beliefs as Hindus, Muslims, or Sikhs, you simply need to consider the appropriate attire. Follow the basic outfit and color theme according to the function.
  • Be a little cautious: In an Indian wedding ceremony, whether Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh, showing your legs or too much cleavage is unacceptable, but you are free to show off your belly, which is displayed in most traditional Indian dresses and Indian bridesmaid lehenga would be a great option.
  • Wedding rites: You’ll also need to cover your head for specific wedding rites, which is where the dupatta, drape, or veil comes in handy.
  • No-No Colors: Although some people assume that wearing black and white for an Indian wedding rite is unlucky, this is not the case for most Hindu and Sikh weddings. Instead, a growing number of brides and grooms are opting for black as their wedding function apparel. It may apply to particular groups of people at Muslim weddings. Therefore you can avoid them in such cases.
  • Popular Colors: In Hindu and Sikh marriages, all colors of the rainbow, along with white and black, are acceptable. Bright green and pink are the most popular colors for Muslim weddings since they are considered auspicious.
  • Comfort is the key: Sikh weddings are typically held at their place of worship, a gurdwara, and may necessitate sitting on the ground for an extended period. Wear anything that won’t restrict your movement when you need to sit on the floor folding your legs. Also, depending on the event, you’ll be dancing, sitting, or standing for a long period, so you must be comfortable in your wedding clothes.
  • Nothing is too much on weddings: If you enjoy dressing up for family gatherings, this is your chance! You are free to dress up and put on a lot of makeup for the occasion, as this is how everyone looks at Indian weddings. To complete the look, add a bindi to your Indian wedding dress.

Top Picks For Wedding Functions

Nobody can deny that Indian weddings are all about grandeur and drama. Thus the women’s ethnic attire chosen for all of the functions should reflect this. There’s something for everyone, from styles that make a magnificent debut to ensembles that radiate elegance and grace in every aspect when it comes to traditional clothing.

We’ve compiled a selection of our favorite wedding outfits for this season’s weddings.

Go Easy At The Roka Ceremony

Festive kurta sets drenched in blazing hues are ideal for folks who enjoy drama but do so in moderation. You’ll know it’s the one if the silhouette also has beautiful stitching. The intimate ceremony kicks off the wedding rites and traditions, so it’s crucial to create a good first impression with eye-catching ensembles that add just the appropriate amount of refinement. Whether you decide on a sleek bun or let your hair down with some flowers, either way, you’ll be sure to catch everyone’s attention.

Festive kurta sets

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Fulfill Bridesmaid Duties In Style At The Mehndi Party

Nothing says bridesmaid style like a green appearance, so if you want to complete your bridesmaid duties in full force and style, invest in a stunning green silhouette. However, remember to keep your comfort level as high as possible so that dancing and grooving to the music isn’t such a chore at the engagement party. Consider swirling skirts and long kurtas for a stunning style, and if that’s not enough, add a small choker and delicate earrings to complete the look.

Fulfill Bridesmaid Duties In Style At The Mehndi Party

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Add the Color of Happiness To The Haldi ceremony 

We know how to put a unique touch on the Haldi ceremony’s classic yellow clothing. What elements should you include in your style to make it stand out? You should put rich embroidered, gorgeous mirror work and delicate organza embellishments in your wishlist. If you like bright and cheerful items, you won’t be able to resist the color that screams happiness and celebration. While you may appreciate the occasional dramatic element to your style, that doesn’t mean you can’t also feel light and carefree. A kurta set, on the other hand, promises to keep you both comfy and fashionable.

Haldi ceremony’s classic yellow clothing

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Red the Wedding

Who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones and that Red Wedding that took place during the War of Five Kings? Want a red wedding? Pun intended! The Meenu collection of PCL will make your red wedding more beautiful; it features alluring rose pink and red chanderi silk kurtas, maroon red kurta with silk pants, red chanderi silk kurta, and many more.

rose pink and red chanderi silk kurtas, maroon red kurta with silk pants, red chanderi silk kurta

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And One for Good Luck.

There are so many functions and kids that there is going to be some blunder for sure. It is always advisable to carry at least one piece of clothing to style. This Zeenat collection cotton block print kurta set won’t dig a hole in your pocket. It will also help you look magical and traditional. You will find a fascinating Indian wedding dress for bridesmaid in this collection.

Indian wedding dress for bridesmaid in this collection

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If you’re a wedding hopper who knows how to make festive silhouettes work, here’s your guide to putting together the perfect wedding season wardrobe. Discover gorgeous silhouettes that will help you put together a board-worthy wardrobe.

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