How Anarkali Suit Became Famous?

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How Anarkali Suit Became Famous?

The Anarkali suit is the symbol of richness and history. It is a form of Salwar Kameez worn by women in India and various South Asian countries. The name ‘Anarkali’ signifies the famous dancer at Mughal Emperor Akbar’s court, who attracted and stole the heart of Prince Salim. She is renowned for her exceptional beauty, and the name ‘Anarkali’ was given to her literally means ‘blossoming pomegranate.’

This name is often related to romance, mystery, and tragedy. If we believe the popular legend, it is the story of forbidden love between Anarkali and Prince Salim and the consequence of their affair. Anarkali, as a dancer in the royal court, wore flattering Kurtis. This design had a tight-fitting torso and flared expansively through the knee. The dress was available with both half or full sleeves and unique necklines. Cotton, silks, muslins, velvets, brocades, and organzas were used as the material for weaving Anarkali suits.

There were so many unique and distinguished motifs used in the print of the Kurti. Block printing, gold thread work, and Kalamakari (art using pens), or precious stones were popular as motifs and part of the Mughal culture.

The Hindi film industry made a significant impact on Indian culture in the 20th century. The story of love between Prince Salim and Anarkali got its cinematic adaptation in 1960. The film was called ‘Mughal-e-Azam.’ It was a cinematic masterpiece, and the audience adored the actress Madhubala as Anarkali. The movie was so successful that it set the trend, which continued for decades. The Anarkali Kurti has seen so many changes according to the fashion trends of the time. New patterns, designs, embroideries, and embellishments are used for creating the latest innovations.

Today, the Anarkali is preferred for almost every special occasion like weddings, parties, festivals, social gatherings, etc. Women of all ages love this suit design for its elegance, uniqueness, and style. Even the film personalities and models wear Anarkali on their special occasions or public appearances.