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How To Style Neutral Floral Dresses

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How To Style Neutral Floral Dresses

We enjoy revealing more flesh and wearing bold lipsticks that bring out our skin tone as the weather changes. Flowers and flowery designs are the undeniable hits in our spring and summer wardrobes. Should you choose a stunning bodycon dress, a flattering A-line dress, or a skin-tight seductive dress? Will you go for solids and stripes for a classy and sophisticated look, or will you go for flowery patterns to show off your confident femininity?

The variety of flower dresses and how to style them are all laid in this article. When paired with the proper accessories and outerwear, floral pattern dresses are a great way to brighten up the winter and fall and be a reliable style option in the summer and spring.

While a floral dress seems fantastic in principle, it can be challenging to pull off in practice. Flower patterns are frantic and colorful. Which color is the greatest to use? How do you choose your shoes and accessories, and how do you dress your hair? The following tips come from our in-house stylists and fashion experts. It teaches you how to style floral dresses and where to find them.

How To Choose A Flattering Print

Floral designs are expansive and limitless. Therefore, it is critical to select one that is both attractive and complementary to your shape and style. Tiny or huge flowers, spread apart or close together, vines or clusters of blossoms, and color palette? The possibilities are endless.

Color is vital to observe because the print will often tilt toward one side of the color wheel, from red, blue, and black through pastels, darks, brights, metallics, and more. This knowledge is the pattern’s host background color.

Consider the fact that larger flowers are more attractive to small women. We don’t advocate big floral motifs for shapely women because they can add a few pounds to your figure. However, on average, smaller flowers and floral motifs create a more solid color impression and flatter more shapely body types.

If you have a slender to average body type, try a mix of larger and smaller floral motifs. If you’re not sure if a design is flattering, add a belt or a stylish scarf to break it up.

Consider the hue of your floral dress in relation to the host’s background. The use of white backdrops with bright and cheery-inspired blossoms is perfect for hiding troublesome bulges. Darker ones give you a thinner appearance and give you a more fitted and tapered style.

Floral Dresses Pair Great With Neutral Colors

Whether you choose an enormous or tiny floral pattern dress, the accessories you choose are crucial to your overall look. Flowery dresses with an all-over floral theme that covers the cloth consistently should be toned down and combined with neutral or nude hues.

Floral patterns generally complemented with neutral colors like black, beige, white, nude, and silver are closet staples (so no extra shopping is needed). Adding a dollop of neutral colors to everything from your shoes to your jewelry to the purse you choose to carry ensures that the floral print is balanced and harmonized with your style.

Pattern Clashes Are Acceptable

If you’re feeling diva-like and want more edgy sex appeal, skip the neutrals and try pattern mixing instead.

When you’re looking for anything to wear with your floral designs, you’re likely to gravitate toward solids. But, on the other hand, pattern mixing is acceptable and a simple approach to appear fashionable and elegant.

Wear your floral dress with a bangle bracelet or cuff with a dramatic striped motif. Also, pick one or two colors from your floral pattern dress and match all of your accessories to those hues.

A blue flowery bodycon dress with colors like red, yellow, and grey, for example, can be readily dressed by selecting only two colors from the palette for the accessories. Then, to add texture and depth to your ensemble, wear grey pumps or pointed-toe shoes with a red jacket, coverall, or scarf. Similarly, choose accessories in these colors, such as a hat, a bag, and jewelry, to complete the look.

How To Accessorize A Floral Dress

Floral dresses are naturally feminine and can be eye-catching on their own. As a result, finding accessories that complement rather than detract from the gown might be difficult.


Floral dresses are known for their bold, brilliant, and conspicuous hues; therefore, matching them with bold and vivid jewelry is a fashion no-no. Instead, accessorize a floral dress of any hue with delicate, modest, and simple accessories. A statement piece of jewelry may detract from the dress’s bright tones while also clashing with them. Simple drop earrings or studs, a thin chain with a small and delicate pendant or locket, and a light bracelet are preferable choices. Less or more is a good rule of thumb. Keep your jewelry basic, classic, and conventional.


Your floral ensemble’s shoes have the potential to make or shatter them. Avoid pairing matching floral print shoes with these dresses, especially with a vivid or dark background color. Instead, wear your clothing with simple sandals, wedges, or stilettos in a neutral color. You might also match the color of your shoes to one of the dress’s neutral hues.

Pair your floral dress with all-black accessories for an edgier look. By pairing your feminine floral dress with tough black accessories like black gladiator stilettos or flats, black studs, a narrow black belt, and a cross-body black bag, you create an attractive mix of stylish and edgy.


A good rule of thumb is to choose a purse that complements the most prominent hue in your flowery dress. If you believe this advice will make your entire outfit too loud, balance it out with a solid neutral bag in primary shades like blue, black, white, tan, or brown.

Consider going off the established path and choosing a purse in a stable, contrasting color like red if your dress has floral designs in only two colors.


A belt is one accessory that may give a floral dress a lot of contrast and a splash of color. A black-and-white flowery dress, for example, looks great with practically any opposing belt color—blue and red are also great choices. On the other hand, if you have a multi-colored dress, choose one color and pull it out with your belt.

What About The PCL Floral Dress?

PCL has two beautiful floral dresses that are ideal for every occasion, from ethnic to modern festivities. But how will you do it when you don’t know how to style them? Check the style tips ideal just for them and rock your look.

White And Red Cotton Dress

White And Red Cotton Dress

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This summer dress with a lovely red and white pattern is ideal for a casual outing or date. The dress features a small spaghetti strap, a V neckline, a red waist belt, and a flower design throughout. As a result, the ideal way to dress this outfit is to:

  1. As the outfit has a “sweetheart V-neckline.” The best idea is to either go with chunky earrings or a cute necklace.
  2. The outfit already has a red belt which is ideal and doesn’t require any changes.
  3. However, if you like, you can add a beige color belt. Anyways, remember that if you do add a belt add chunky shoes in beige color.
  4. As the color is romantic and you don’t want to do nude shade try adding heels to your ensemble.
  5. Heels in red will look perfect for a romantic night out/ date night.

Brown Printed Dress

Brown Printed Dress

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This Aline dress in a pale brown tone is ideal for a casual day out or romantic night. This floral ensemble has a button closure and puff sleeve details. The style tips for these are:

  1. Style it well with a pair of strappy heels. As the dress’s color is neutral brown, it is ideal that you style it with the same color.
  2. Next, you need to go with minimal makeup. Go for nude lipstick and comparatively bold eyes. Also, a straight, sleek hairdo and high ponytail will ace it.
  3. Now the dress has a round neck, so pairing a necklace might take away the charm. So, earrings, frankly studs, would be ideal. 
  4. The sleeves are mid-forearm, so; a watch would look beautiful.

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