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How To Style Tie And Dye

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How To Style Tie And Dye

It’s loud, it’s bright, it can give you a headache, and it almost undoubtedly doesn’t belong in your closet. Nonetheless! Tie-dye has long been a stylist’s worst nightmare. It’s a whirling rainbow of uncool that makes people look like they just stumbled out of a tent at Woodstock amid a cloud of smoke.

It goes without saying that it hasn’t always been at the top of the menswear trend list. Anything is possible in a world of oversized shoes, war core, and wraparound glasses. And tie-dye, the rainbow marvel that it is, is just the most recent odd fad to resurface in the mainstream.

Things are different this time. We see more thought put into tie-dye fashion now than ever before. Surprisingly, this has resulted in some highly wearable effects.

Here, we look at one of fashion’s most improbable comebacks and how to incorporate it into your wardrobe without looking like a guy who spends his summers at the WOMAD Festival hawking Tibetan salt lamps.

What Is Tie-Dye?

Tie-dye is a type of “resist-dyeing” that includes twisting

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The name gives the game away. Tie-dye is a type of “resist-dyeing” that includes twisting, crumpling, and bunching fabric before tying it up with thread or rubber bands and drowning it in dye.

This exposes areas of the cloth to the dye only partially or entirely, resulting in swirling, circular patterns across the fabric’s surface.

The practice achieved significant appeal in the 1960s, thanks to artists such as Janis Joplin and John Sebastian. It immediately became a staple of psychedelic 1960s and 1970s fashion, providing hippies with a low-cost opportunity to alter simple tees, vests, and army surplus stuff.

Urban Outfitters

Although tie-dye earned its name in the 1960s, the practice of twisting and the dying fabric is far older. The first specimens date back to 500 AD in Peru, but comparable clothing dominates the market throughout the world, from Asia to Africa.

Although tie-dye may appear to be a craze, males have worn it for thousands of years. It’s now a full-fledged high-fashion sensation, with Dior and Prada just sending their haute-couture versions down the runway. And with some of the world’s best-dressed male celebrities joining in on the fun (we’re looking at you, Jeff Goldblum, and Jonah Hill), things are only getting hotter.

Remember that tie-dye might be the A-game for the urban fashion monopolist, but there are incredible small-scale businesses like PCL who are acing the tie-dye collection as no one can. Follow right through the article to know how to style the beautiful print and then buy the collection’s best pieces.

How to style tie and dye blouse

Whether you make your own tie-dyed garments or buy them, tie-dye is back in style. Many fashionistas are stocking up on clothing that has got this fabric treatment after seeing them on the most recent season of Project Runway. Before you go all out with starburst prints from head to toe, think about how you’ll wear your new tie-dyed piece. Here are some pointers on how to wear tie-dye without seeming like you’re in a costume.

Accessorize with tie-dye

Consider accessorizing with tie-dye if you don’t want to make too much of a statement or if your office is more formal than most tie-dye clothes. A stylish tie-dye tote or fun tie-dye socks may brighten up your ensemble while also serving as discussion starters.

Denim layering over tie-dye.

A charming ensemble package layered with a denim jacket and contrasting denim jeans will look so remarkable. If you take this route, make sure your jacket, tie-dye piece, and pants are complementary and contrasted. If you pair dark denim pants with a colored denim jacket or a denim moto jacket, you’ll appear exceptionally great.

Go for a Tie-Dyed Statement Piece

It’s sometimes preferable to make a bold statement, and what better way to do that than with a tie-dyed dress or trench coat? It’s advisable to go monochromatic if you choose this approach. You’ll seem not only on-trend but also put-together if you build the rest of your ensemble around your statement piece.

Choose White or Khaki

Tie-dye looks great with either white or khaki. Pair tie-dye with white cargos or a khaki maxi skirt for a unique look. With a French tuck and fundamental, neutral accents, dress up the top. It’s a put-together and current appearance for weekend wear or working from home.

Switch Things Up

Instead of a tie-dye shirt or hoodie, try something different: tie-dyed shorts or jeans or a jacket with tie-dyed details. To maintain the style sharp, combine it with neutrals like black, tan, grey, navy, and white, as well as minimal accessories.

Make an attempt at a buttoned-up look.

Instead of wearing your standard white or light blue button-down, try a tie-dyed variation of this timeless piece. Wear it with a beautiful pair of pants or jeans. You should wear white sneakers with jeans, but heels or a great team of loafers with slacks. For an unexpected meeting or presentation, add a neutral blazer to tie everything together.

Consider Overalls

Overalls, overall shorts, and jumpsuits have all returned to popularity. It’s critical to wisely choose your fit and accessories to avoid looking like you’ve stepped out of the late 1980s. Neon colors, baggy overalls or jumpsuits, and denim washes need to go. For stronger colors, go with darker denim – or, if you’re feeling brave, go with a tie-dyed jumpsuit and keep your accessories neutral.

Try a More Tailored Look

Tie-dye can be fitted and fashionable when worn with a suit. To pull off the style, keep the tailored suit well-fitting and in neutral colors, whether you’re matching a crew neck with a classic blazer and slacks or putting together a pencil skirt and vest with a button-down.

Have a good time with the craze.

The most vital aspect of every trend is that it is enjoyable to wear. While some people will feel more at ease wearing tie-dye from head to toe, others will choose to put a scarf or a t-shirt under a denim jacket or anorak.

If you liked our style tips but still have a few inside tricks on how you style them tell us how will you style your tie-dye this season?

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