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Launch Your Fashion Label During COVID-19 Pandemic

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Launch Your Fashion Label During COVID-19 Pandemic

The whole country is surviving the unavoidable misery that has created havoc for jobs in the business corporate job world. Millions have lost their jobs, and they need an opportunity to support the needs of those dependent on them. This misery might have limited our scope for corporate opportunities; however, it has catered to us a broad spectrum in the form of a virtual platform where people can now open a small business and cater to the needs of millions in a few clicks.

We all know that there are three things every person needs in order to survive: clothes, food, and shelter (roti, kapde, and makan). Therefore, anyone looking for options to start something that’s their venture with limited but is refraining from doing so breaks the shackles and shines because the time could not be better.

So, when we received a repeated question through the pandemic on whether to venture into a new endeavor, our answer consistently remained YES. Undeniably that ‘yes’ might be certain, but there are a few strategies and all the beans that go with it. Keep reading ahead to ensure that you launch a successful fashion label during the COVID-19 pandemic

Create a Web-Based Brand

This goes without saying that at this point, opening a physical company would not be feasible. So the first necessity here is to have a business with a stable online presence. So the thing you need to remember is that people these days are spending more time shopping and on social media, so you have the opportunity to reach out to an audience that is eager to be entertained.

Moreover, a growing number of consumers are shopping online, resulting in a more significant overall demand. But, exhibitions should not be a tactic, which means you should concentrate on creating an intriguing brand and incredible imagery (as I still say to my staff, “We’re selling images and supplying apparel”). Also, B2B would be complex because large organizations and consumers are unsure, so do not take risks with your quality.

Cater To The Needs Of The Pandemic Survivors

According to the data, consumer behavior and usage patterns are evolving therefore you must cater to the taste of every class.

  • We’ve all noticed how bulky most of our clothing is; most of it isn’t suitable for lounging in. E.g. I am reasonably confident that I do not need sleeves, that I require 100% cotton, and that I need mulmul fabric for use at home.
  • The elderly consumers who were only used to making transactions by touching and feeling them. They’re going to do their shopping now. It’s critical to answer their concerns; some people don’t even know how to buy on a website. It’s also essential to stock goods that they like.

Definitely, we cannot cut down the silks and launch Chikankari, so the key here is that you need to offer an eclectic platter that has every spice of shade and fabric.

silks and launch Chikankari

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The Product Must Stand Out In The MarketPlace.

Since Instagram is overcrowded, Facebook is gone, and advertisements are too pricey, you’ll need to launch and sell through a robust marketplace (i.e., sell with an established brand) that already has buyers. This won’t be straightforward, but if the Product is excellent and you can get access to the team, you can accomplish a lot with a bit of effort.

I’ve learned the hard way that sending them an email actually does works. You can initiate a conversation with someone from the brand staff, or you can wait four years for them to notice you and contact you. But we all know time is what we lack here. So, navigate right through the article to find an ideal brand for franchising your collection with them.

The Product Must Be Sustainable.

Don’t bother if the brand isn’t long-term. Fairness is being sought by the market and consumers because we have caused enough damage. Most critically, sustainability must be affordable at all levels. Which it isn’t right now.

The Product Must Be Equivalent To The Quality.

Aim to offer a superb commodity at a reasonable price. People have lost money in mutual funds, and the fashion industry is hugely dependent on the stock market. People have been laid off. Money invested in fashion would be carefully allocated.

Many fashion companies that were still heavily in debt at the start of Covid will, unfortunately, die as a result of the high overheads they must contend with, something you won’t have for a long time. Many old, non-innovative, offline companies will even go out of business, but since you will be young, you may be able to adapt to the market more quickly.

Mingle Native Essence For The Urban market

India has a large number of skilled artisans. Craftsmen and women who live in the most rural areas of the world, where Covid has had little effect, may have much lower manufacturing costs than in metros. This workforce is now technologically linked, allowing you to collaborate with them remotely.

Suppose you’re starting an affordable, sustainable online fashion brand that sells (insert nifty Product from deep insight) made in rural India and marketed across marketplaces. In that case, this is the place to be.

How To Promise Brand Success

Success is promising only when you know what you are doing! To create a brand, attest quality, and lastly, find your market. We have the best way for you. We at Priya Chaudhary Label provide a brilliant platform for young aspiring designers/ fashion enthusiasts to showcase their collections.

All you need to do is exhibit the whole product list, complete with photographs, costs, and specifications, at [email protected] Our merchandise quality analysts will check the validity of your goods and let you know if you’re qualified to sell at Priya Chaudhary within seven working days.

We will notify you of our choice; however, if you do not receive a response from our delegate, please accept it as a polite rejection and do not get discouraged. We’d like to point out that high-quality items that follow our criteria are only considered for inclusion in our shop. When stunning designs meet our brand expectations, our product analysts are still able to embrace them.