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Most Popular Kurti Neck Design in 2021

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Most Popular Kurti Neck Design in 2021

Is it just me, or have you also experienced that we know exactly what size and shape we need but get confused about the neckline whenever we get our outfit stitched? This happens to me all the time and I end up selecting round or V-neckline because they are safe and because I don’t know any other design. To protect me from this confusion/ embarrassment, I searched Google and cursed the engines. The problem was sought when I finally got helped from a professional fashion designer who helped me with a perfect neckline that can accentuate the entire style statement. Check out the top 10 most popular Kurti neck designs in 2021 for the next time you want to get an outfit stitched.

Simple Neck Designs

Simple neck designs look beautiful and are a safe option that compliments every Kurti pattern.

Boat Neck Kurta Design

As the name suggests, the kurta neck is shaped like a boat. The design does look like U; however, the cut is relatively more minor, which will make your shoulder look wider than they are. This design works well for every woman, no matter what her size and shape. Women who have tiny busts can easily pull this off. There is no harm in experimenting, but it is observed that the neckline doesn’t go well for broad-shouldered and short-necked ladies.

Scoop Neckline Kurta Design 

This design looks kind of similar to the boat neck design, and it is. The only difference is that the U-shape here is a little deep and the cut curve and features have a large width. It works well for ladies who have narrow shoulders, long necks, and tiny busts. As the kurta offers a slimming effect, anyone with a skinny body and narrow face must avoid it.  

Sweetheart Neck Kurta Design

The neckline has derived its name due to the fact that it looks somewhat like a heart. This outfit neck design actually suits every woman regardless of the size, shape, and body type. It offers a curvaceous effect to ladies who have small bust lines as it provides that much-needed volume.  

Square Neck Designs for Kurtis

This Kurti neck design has a hidden attribute that tends to provide a short neck and narrow shoulders facade. Anyone that has a square face is suggested to not go for the design as it will look subdued. The design works ideally for people with pear-shaped bodies. Also, if you get a square neckline kurta tailored, style it with palazzo pants.

V-Neck Design for Kurtis

This design features a V-shape and has two distinctions - plunging V and standard V. The only difference between these neck designs is the length and depth of its neckline. Plunging V is comparatively deep and therefore gives a voluptuous look and suits people with a small neck. The standard V neckline is of a considerable length and goes well for people with both small and large bust people. However, if you have a long face, we suggest that you try some other design.

Keyhole and Side Keyhole Kurta Neck Design

The keyhole and side keyhole forms a similar pattern. It has a keyhole cut near the collarbone or center of the chest. It is a unique style that can enhance your personality and adds shine to your entire outfit. So if you have a simple Kurti, get your tailor to create this design, and we are sure it will look perfect. It is an ideal choice for people who have tender necks and broad shoulders.

Cowl Kurti Neck Design

Cowl design has been in the trend for years, but it could only be seen in sweaters. After seeing the popularity of the neck design, it has made its way into Kurti’s neckline as well. It might be the first time you hear the name of it, but we are sure you would have seen it. This design has an extra fabric draped around its neck, which on both sides is stitched to your dress. The cowl doesn’t look awkward; rather, it provides a scarf resemblance that looks highly fashionable. It looks beautiful for women with a larger bust as the drape designing covers the figure. Moreover, it also suits women with petite bodies.

Collar Neck Design

We have all seen collar designs in skirts, jackets, and even t-shirts, but now the trend has extended its branches even in kurtas, and it has become vogue in days. The neckline gives a very refined image to the personality and works well for people that are on the heavier side. Most people who get collared Kurtis designed wear it with Patiala and Dhoti salwar. However, we feel that if you style this Kurti with jeans to your office, it will look elevating, and you will catch a lot of appreciating eyes.

Halter Neck Kurta Design

Halter neck is an elegant design that accentuates your shoulders. This is one of the favorite designs for millennial girls as it provides you the autonomy wherein you can select how you wish to cover your back if you want to cover it or stitch it with a backless style fully. If you are wearing a halter neck Kurti, let go of the dupatta as it will steal the thunder. We suggest that you tie your hair up and pair elegant earrings to showcase the entire design. There is a chance that it might not look good on people with broad shoulders but don’t refrain from wearing it.

Peter Pan Kurti Neck Design

This design is definitely going to rock its way in 2021. It has such a beautiful and delicate petite image to itself that one can’t avoid it. The design features a flapped flat collar type design on the front with either thread or button detailing in the middle. This design is perfect for someone who wishes to design a long Kurti. You can altogether avoid wearing any jewelry with this outfit. It is a must-have design in your wardrobe.

High Neck Kurti Design

High neck Kurti design has been highly trendy as it provides the perfect blend of chicness and sophistication. It adds a western and formal touch for attending an official meeting or official get-together. If you design your neckline in this design, we suggest that you get your tailor slit up the waistline and wear it with tight jeggings or jeans.

Angrakha Kurti Neck Design

Another incredibly gorgeous design of the decade is the Angrakha neck. The kurta features an overlapping drape neckline with asymmetrical V-neckline. For ensuring that you get the most out of this design, we suggest that you use two colored/pattern fabrics as it will elevate your fashion quotient. This can be a perfect style for college girls or women who like to keep it simple yet trendy. If you have a heavy bust, we suggest that you avoid going for the design as the fitting might not be comfortable.

Asymmetric Neckline Kurta Design

People find asymmetrical necklines extremely fascinating nowadays, undoubtedly because of their unique design cuts. The design might look extremely simple and novel, but it owns the power to accentuate your fashion quotient to the sky effortlessly. You can design this neckline with different variations and combinations, such as button work embroidery and patchwork. The autonomy of selecting a mixed match design might be extremely attractive but remember not to overdo it. Consider your bust side and then decide how you wish to style it and ensure that the design resonates with the fabric material you are selecting.

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