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PCL Janmashtami Exquisite Apparel Ideas

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PCL Janmashtami Exquisite Apparel Ideas

Janmashtami is a Hindu festival and a government-sanctioned holiday celebrated to owe respect to Lord Krishna. In some areas, it is known as Gokulashtami or Sreekrishna Jayanthi. Janmashtami is observed on the Ashtami (eighth day) of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Shravana or Bhadra, according to the Hindu calendar (in the Hindu calendar, there is a leap month once every three years).

History and Background of Janmashtami

On Janmashtami (Krishna Jayanti), one of the most important Hindu festivals, Lord Krishna, the eighth reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, delivered the core message of the Bhagwat Gita - the guiding principles for every Hindu - is honoured.

There will be ceremonies and prayers in Krishna temples all around India. Fasting and prayer may be practiced the day before, up to midnight, when Krishna is claimed to have been born.

Krishna was born in the Uttar Pradesh city of Mathura. The staging of Krishna Lila, a folk theatre consisting of incidents from Krishna's life, is a prevalent tradition in this region.

Many customs have developed in various parts of India, all based on Krishna's life stories. Krishna, for example, is reported to have been so fond of butter and milk as a child that they had to be kept out of his reach. Many children's climbing games are based on this narrative.

Oiled poles with large sums of money affixed to the top are erected in Tamil Nadu. The boys, costumed as Krishna, then attempt to climb the poles to obtain the money while bystanders squirt them with water. Pots with buttermilk are strung high above the streets in Maharashtra, where the event is called Govinda. After that, boys' teams build human pyramids and compete to see who can smash the most pots.


Krishna's life is told in many vivid legends, and he is a significant figure in Hindu literature. He was known as a child for his pranks, such as the aforementioned butter snatching, and photographs of him as a toddler frequently depict him dancing joyfully while holding a ball of butter. He is often represented as a lover or a dancer as an adult, often playing the flute and surrounded by loving women. According to legend, he tamed the multi-headed serpent Kaliya by dancing it into submission.

Janmashtami Style Ideas

Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday, is an auspicious event in India that is celebrated with zeal and love. People like to dress up in their finery and look splendid on this day, as they do for any other festival in India. Yellow, Lord Krishna's favouritecolour, and orange, considered auspicious by Hindu believers, are the festive colours to wear on Janmashtami. These two colours are not only vibrant, bright, and colourful, but they've also been a favourite among many designers who have shown their collections at several fashion weeks this season. Check out these suggestions for the best outfits.

  • Choose Indian garments such as Anarkalis, salwar suits, sarees, or lehengas that have at least a shade of yellow or orange in them, if not totally, to embody the yellow and orange trend on Janmashtami.
  • Go for the contrasting impact; the combination of yellow and orange is stunning, as seen in the photographs above. This is simple to duplicate. Pair a yellow saree with an orange blouse or a yellow Anarkali with an orange dupatta and churidar. You can try to mix and match items from your current wardrobe.
  • If you like, you can go for an Indo-Western look by pairing a stylish top with a yellow or orange Rajasthani or Haryanvi-style ghagra. In these colours, dhoti pants will also look great. You could also go for a nice Kurti top in these colours and pair it with ordinary jeans.
  • Another interesting suggestion from the Indo Western collection is to wear a lehenga with a plainer blouse or a western-style top to lighten it up (especially if you think it's too heavy for the occasion). You don't have to wear a dupatta if you don't want to.
  • Wearing a bindi or accessories like bangles in these colours can also help to include yellow and orange elements.

Exquisite Apparel ideas

Because this holiday is so closely associated with brilliant colours and energetic traditions, everyone (mainly young girls) makes it a point to dress up in colourful attire. As a result, we've created some fantastic clothing that will perfectly complement this vibrant festival.

Peach Hand Embroidery Set of 3- Meera Collection

This Peach hand e Chanderi silk kurta comes with palazzo and a gorgeous peach organza dupatta. It comes with a Chanderi silk palazzo and an organza dupatta that match. The needlework is straight from the Awadh court. The perfect spring and summer outfit. Enjoy this incredible and gorgeous set element as semi-formal or casual wear by adding it to your wardrobe.

Yellow Printed Angrakha Set Of 3- Gulmohar Collection

A traditional and fashionable Kurta set that is comfortable to wear, graceful, has an ethnic design, and is edgy enough to meet today's fashion and style standards. The Yellow patterned Angrakha kurta with pants and dupatta is a three-piece set that includes a lovely yellow printed Angrakha kurta, cotton pants, and a dupatta for a classic Indian style. It is available in different sizes, ranging from XS to 3XL, allowing anyone to wear and enjoy them. It is suitable for various body types and sizes.

The kurta is yellow with exquisite yellow motifs, while the leggings are white. Wear it with your traditional Yellow printed Angrakha kurta, pants, and dupatta on any formal occasion, special events or functions, and ceremonies, and feel confident with your traditional Yellow printed Angrakha kurta, pants, and dupatta.

Yellow Brown Cotton Set of 2- 5th Avenue Collection

For the long and hot summers, a Kurti outfit is ideal. Sizes from XS to 3XL are available in the yellow-brown cotton Kurta with white cotton pants. This Kurti outfit is yellow-brown and made of cotton with a floral motif. There are two parts to the set: tops and bottoms. Beat the summer heat by pairing it with your favourite dupatta, juttis, or heels.

Orange Chikankari Kurta Set of 2- Fiza Collection

A Chikankari cotton kurta and white cotton pants with lace details are included in this Fiza rust orange Chikankari cotton kurta with the white pants combination. On spotless mul, the costume portrays the majesty of Chikankari. The cotton kurta's delicate embroidery is inspired by the Awadh court, while the breezy shapes depict the soft summery colours. Add this stunning pair of Chikankari cotton kurta and pants to your wardrobe collection for summer or spring. This Rust orange Chikankari cotton kurta with white pants set is available in all sizes and may be worn casually or semi-formally.

Yellow Cotton Linen Set of 2- Umber Collection

A lightweight cotton linen shirt that is ideal for summer. It has a breezy vibe. It has an abstract design pocket, a collar and is made of a pleasant material to wear. Pair it with white cotton linen slacks to complete the look. They are available in various sizes so that anyone can wear them. These Yellow Cotton Linen Shirt and Pants can be worn casually or formally for any occasion.

Yellow Embroidered Chanderi Silk- Jalsa Collection

Our craftspeople have worked tirelessly to create a fitting that is both comfortable and stylish. This yellow embroidered Chanderi silk Kurti is made from a combination of Chanderi silk and organza silk, giving it a very minimalist appearance. You may wear this kurta with your favourite Jhumka earrings and stylish heels to complete the look.

Chikankari Cotton Set Of 2- Megh-Malhar Collection

It's the ideal Indian cultural clothing for adding a pop of colour to your closet. The floral motif on this yellow and orange Chikankari cotton kurta and white palazzo match your personality wonderfully to give you a festive look. The narrow neckline and comfy material are both fashionable and breathable.

There is no obligation to wear only these colours since, as we always say, whatever you wear, make sure you enjoy it. After all, festivities and festive occasions contain a significant amount of enthusiasm. So, this Janmashtami, show off your bright and cheery side by donning PCL hues, which are not only fun but will also be approved by Lord Krishna himself, the most exuberant of them all!

Happy Janmashtami!