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PCL’s Style Guide for Independence Day 2021

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PCL’s Style Guide for Independence Day 2021

In India, Independence Day is celebrated on the 15th of August each year. This year marks our 75th anniversary of independence, making the celebrations all the more meaningful. The entire country is preparing to celebrate, as evidenced by every mall, storefront, and even office getting dolled in the colors of the Indian national flag. Foods and recipes are in tricolors, and there is a joyful spirit everywhere. We all take contentment in our country’s independence, most likely by watching the Prime Minister’s speech on television, the parade, and regaining a little of eye-watering, spine-tingling patriotism.

A Peek Through our Style Tips

Independence Day is all about realizing what it means to be free. Freedom from your own negative ideas, overcoming your anxieties, and propelling yourself towards a better life are the things that genuinely set you free. Reflect the spirit of liberation via your clothing and feel the same within. Read along to find beautiful style advice in this section.

Back to roots

There was a Gandhian model of self-reliance and self-sufficiency even before ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atma-Nirbhar.’ In pre-independence India, his led swadeshi campaign was all about abandoning foreign items in order to instill a sense of indigenousness. Consider the indigenous! Choose a brand that promotes Indian beliefs, such as The Priya Chaudhary Label. Purchase a low-maintenance, breathable, and comfy fabric with a rural vibe blended with a contemporary sensibility.

Choose a brand that promotes Indian beliefs

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Be creative

To commemorate the spirit of independence, dress in tricolor hues. If you want to be a bit more creative, you can choose atypical variants of the hues saffron, green, white, and blue. Keep it mild with pastel versions of the colors, or go wild with neon versions. You will be able to create a unique statement while still feeling confident.

hues saffron, green, white, and blue dresses

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Play with white

Each hue in the flag has significant meaning and significance to our nation’s beliefs. The hue is associated with purity, light, goodness, safety, and cleanliness and has a positive connotation. You can never go wrong with color because it is a blank canvas. Mix and mix your base item with colors of your choice and, if you’re feeling energetic, accessories as well.

Play with white dresses

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The fourth hue

Take inspiration from the blue of the Indian flag’s Ashoka chakra. On this day, one might experiment with how to style their festive look using these hues. When blue and white are combined, they are beautiful and charming and complement the day’s mood. Experimenting with the tricolor will also result in an eye-catching combo.

A statement with an element

You don’t have to dress in saffron, green, and white all the time. We urge that you wear something that makes you think beyond the box. You can channel your inner patriotism by incorporating patriotism into your look in any way you like. Go wild with your accessories and allow your imagination to run wild with subtle embellishments to your overall look. If you’re going for an all-white appearance, add a bandana or nail polish in saffron and green. Adding drama with shimmering glitter will give your face a much-needed pop.

Dress Code for Independence Day in India

Since the big day is approaching, you’re probably wondering what to wear on Independence Day to make yourself feel special on this special day. This year, we must mark the anniversary with zeal and patriotism. So, if you’re looking for independence day clothes and want to make a style statement on Independence Day, we’ve compiled a few tips and independence day ethnic wear ideas for you to flaunt with style:

Vogue Up with Whites

If you want to go with all whites as your Independence Day Clothing India, adding some dazzle of an orange and green hue to your ensemble will look fantastic. Otherwise, keep in mind that white is an acceptable trend color for Independence Day. This PCL Chanderi Silk comes in a lovely white tone that is embellished with golden zari embroidery. The outfit’s centerpiece is its organza dupatta and palazzo, which are both perfect for Independence Day and any other events this month. To break up the monotony of traditional white, the designer incorporated gold work to the dupatta, kurta, and palazzo. Check the photos from the Meera and Jalsa collections for more.

Vogue Up with Whites

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Next, if you don’t want to go as far as the first alternative, you might choose PCL’s Gulmohar collection clothing. The costume features multicolored designs that will break up the monotony of whites and make you stand out from the crowd. To add a tri-color accent to your look, try matching the whites with an orange or green dupatta or even boots and bottoms. We have really attractive hues like orangish-red, green, and yellow for your choice of dupatta. Check the photos from the Gulmohar collection for more.

Styling Up with Chikankari Kurtas

India’s favorite ethnic clothing, ‘KURTA,’ can be dressed up in a variety of ways for the Independence Day Dress Code. To commemorate our country’s liberty:

  1. Wear an orange kurta with a multicolored or white bottom. If you want to stay in style, pair a vivid orange Chikankari kurta with a contrasting white dupatta and palazzo trousers.
  2. Accessorize the entire look with tri-colored accessories. You might choose classic rainbow Jhuttis and pull your hair back in a ponytail for a beautiful, sleek overall look.
  3. Check the photos from our Fiza and Megh Malhar collection for more.

A Little Touch of Modern Outfits

Independence Day is sometimes seen as an occasion when ethnic styling is excellent. However, it is not a requirement! Independence Day is about your individual independence, so wear whatever you want and style it your own way. Remember, it’s perfect to be your type of gorgeous! So, if you’re going to go a bit OOTD this Independence Day, we think you should check out our 5th Avenue and Umber collections, which both feature tie and dye design and modern aesthetics. The clothes are available in a variety of vibrant colors that are great for your Independence Day celebrations. Check the photos for more.

Silver Jewelry to Ace Your Attire

It can be exciting to pull off a full-on saffron look. Investing in some striking silver jewelry can be the greatest way to complete your ethnic wear appearance. Choose from extravagant earrings such as Kundan or khuntee earrings or concentric hoops; flowery fusion nose pins are other options. They will quickly boost your glam factor.

Silver Jewelry to Ace Your Attire

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As aforementioned, Independence Day is about your individual independence, so wear whatever you want and style it your own way. However, for better style advice and beautiful clothing items, visit The Priya Chaudhary Label today.