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Rakhi Outfit Ideas: What and How to Wear

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Rakhi Outfit Ideas: What and How to Wear

Throughout the year, we Indians celebrate several festivals in India. Rakshabandhan, often known as 'Rakhi,' is an important festival. Rakshabandhan is celebrated throughout India, though it is especially prominent in North India.

In the Mahabharata, Draupadi secures Lord Krishna's wounded wrist by tearing a piece of her clothes and tying it to his injury to stop the bleeding. In return, Lord Krishna promised to protect Draupadi at every cost. This incident developed a brother-sister bond between Lord Krishna and Draupadi.

Because 'Raksha' means 'protection,' we understand the significance of the ceremony of tying a rakhi on a brother's wrist. This gesture symbolizes that we share the same worry for our siblings’ safety.

Rakhi festival

Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi Purnima, is a Hindu festival observed on the full moon day or Purnima day in the Shravana month. Every year, according to the Georgian calendar, it falls in August. Read on to find out the day, time, and how to celebrate Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi in 2021. The day is observed throughout the country, as well as in Nepal. The origin of the Raksha Bandhan, according to mythology, can be traced back to the day Lord Krishna wounded his finger while flying a kite.

The Rakhi celebration is more than just a ceremonial; it is a time to bring together different ethnicities and cultures. Its goal is to create a worldwide brotherhood among people. Rabindranath Tagore, the renowned Nobel laureate, resurrected this rite for the same purpose. He advised the two groups of Hindus and Muslims to widely and publicly recognize or celebrate Rakshabandhan; it is a brotherly gesture of settling all disagreements and divisions and uniting together. A large portion of Tagore's poems and other writings spread the message of unity, where one community bonds with another by celebrating Rakshabandhan, which symbolizes making a promise to stand by the one we want to stand by.

A sister customarily or traditionally ties a rakhi on her brother's wrist for the rite, indicating that his brother will shield her from all adversities that may arise. The younger sibling wants the elder's blessing. Following that, they exchange gifts and consume sweets in celebration of the occasion. Over time, this tradition improves ideally as individuals celebrate this ritual with many of their near and dear ones; they also share the custom with the society's less lauded or recognized protectors. Doctors, police officers, and other societal defenders are equally recognized and revered for the security or 'Raksha' they give.

The Rakhi festival's ritual is notable since it is more than just a social gathering. It celebrates the love, caring, and adoration shared between brothers, friends, and even separate tribes or groups.

Shopping Ideas

Ladies, treat yourself to the softest colors and the best Mulmul this holiday season. The light and airy kurta sets are soft and delicate against the skin and can be worn at work or during private festivities after Raksha Bandhan. You can dress the pieces in this lovely edition in various ways that are both sustainable and fashionable. After all, the post-pandemic society necessitates clothing that is light, breathable, and durable.

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Kurta, Pants, and a Matching Dupatta

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Ideal Rakhi Special Outfit

Have you ever questioned why your mother always instructs you to get a palazzo kameez whenever some important relatives visit? When your soon-to-be in-laws arrive, why does she insist on you wearing ethnic attire? A straightforward explanation is that ethnicity makes you appear Indian. It enhances your Indian persona in the most beautiful way possible.

Another occasion that requires you to dress in ethnic attire is Rakhi, and there are several Rakhi-specific clothes on display in the markets. Here's something you can do if you need to escape crowds these days. Take a look around our website and decide what you think is the most acceptable option. Meanwhile, have a look at these lovely kurta dupatta sets and imagine all the great ways you'll decorate with them.

Which is the Best Attire for Raksha Bandhan

If an enigma like this comes to mind frequently before Rakhi, believe us when we say you're going through what every other woman is going through. A dress selection difficulty!

We're here to assist you. On Raksha Bandhan, it's not a compulsion to wear a specific outfit; however, ethnic attire is preferable. Your brother will find you lovely in any outfit, whether it's a Kurta, an ethnic set, or a fashionable ethnic dress. However, because Raksha Bandhan is an Indian event, most ladies prefer to dress up in a suit, accessorize with jewelry, and appear dignified.

Magenta Jumpsuit with Cape: Lovely Rakhi Special Outfit

As the celebrations progressed, your desire to dress in magenta grew tenfold. You want to be your best gorgeous self, and nothing is going to stop you. A magenta jumpsuit with a cape will compliment you perfectly. It will make you appear traditional while also drawing a lot of attention to you. Isn't it the point of festivals and celebrations?

So, this year, including this classic jumpsuit cape set in your Rakhi special clothes and be the center of attention wherever you go. Look for various fashionable magenta Rakhi types for your brother to compliment your clothing! If you're a bro reading this, you must acquire this piece for your darling sister as a Rakhi gift! Now that the Umber collections feature earthy tones, we offer an olive green jumpsuit and cape combo if you want to wear pink.

Which shade should we Wear on Raksha Bandhan?

Colors, florals, sweets, music, and celebrations are all part of Indian festivals. Your cheeks take on a lovely glow when you're having fun with your family. Do you know what hue we're talking about? It's a magenta color!

If you're wearing red for Raksha Bandhan, here's how to accessorize:

  • A pair of golden earrings with a tinge of red.
  • Silver or goldJhumkis
  • For footwear, choose between Juttis, bellies, or flats.
  • Add a boho Kada or a set of red bangles to your right hand if you enjoy hand accessories.

Peach Combo: Unique Rakhi Special Outfit

Peach Combo: Unique Rakhi Special Outfit

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Regardless of popular belief, beige can be dressed up and looked lovely in festive attire. Yes, a peach-colored dress would be a one-of-a-kind Rakhi ensemble. But it'd be unique, and that's all you care about.

Peach and gold are a relatively recent color combination. To complete your look, you'll need to add some accessories and elegant footwear. That shouldn't be too difficult for an Indian girl like you, suitable?

How to Dress Up in a Peach Ethnic Set

You may be sure that you will look lovely if you wear a peach and gold ethnic ensemble as your Rakhi dress. The beige tint contrasts nicely with the pink shade of the dupatta. You're ready to depart once you've adorned yourself with some accessories. Are you looking for some motivation? So, here's what I came up with:

  • Sandals, flats, or bellies in gold
  • For your wrist, wear a pink bracelet or watch.
  • Hair accessories that match
  • Allow a tiny silver bindi to adorn your brow.

Blue Ornamental Rakhi Special Outfit

Decorative prints are gradually gaining popularity, owing to the charm they provide to an ensemble. These prints are a logical progression from abstract patterns. Despite this, we are completely enamored with them. Once you get it home, one of these ornate blue-colored outfits will become your go-to costume for occasions like Rakhi. Furthermore, the blue Color shines brighter as the autumn season approaches.

How to Accessorize with your Blue Suit

The Color of the image is a royal color that doesn't require any additional embellishments. As a result, you can keep it simple and understated. Here are some tips on how to look good in this blue suit:

  • For footwear, choose between bellies, flats, or block heels.
  • You don't actually need a neckpiece with a mandarin collar.
  • Earrings with pearls or ornamented hoops
  • If you genuinely want to wear one, a slender pendant will suffice.
  • Give your ensemble a boho vibe by adding oxidized Kada to it.

Angrakha Kurta, Perfect Rakhi Special Outfit

Angrakha Kurta, Perfect Rakhi Special Outfit

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Are you the family's happiest member? You enjoy making fun of your brother and making him pay for your mistakes. Or, on occasion, making up for him when he is at fault. At PCL, we have the perfect attire for you.

White may not be a color you'd choose for a celebration, but it may make you light ten times brighter when combined with red for Raksha Bandhan. It will set you out from the array of pinks, greens, and reds. In addition, the matching dupatta will provide an ethnic touch to your ensemble.

How to Style your Angrakha Kurta to make it Rakhi Special Outfit

The Angrakha silhouette is in and of itself a fashion statement. You can wear it without any additional frills or accessories on an ordinary day. However, you must accessorize adequately to make it a Rakhi Special Outfit. Here's how to do it:

  • Choose from heels, block heels, bellies, or sandals to complete the look.
  • On your left wrist, wear Kada or a couple of bangles.
  • Wear rusted earrings if you want to go for a boho vibe.
  • Jhumkis, drop earrings, hoops, and other accessories
  • Complete the look with a matching shoulder bag.

An Angrakha Kurti is suitable for Raksha Bandhan and your Dandiya nights during the Navratras.

Chikankari Rakhi Special Outfit

Chikankari Rakhi Special Outfit

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We've got you covered if it comes to picking the perfect cloth for a party. PCL has everything you need in the proper fabrics, whether you're looking for Rakhi unique costumes or Diwali outfits. Chikankari, as you may be aware, is the most comfortable holiday fabric available. If the material is Chilkankari, you don't need large designs or embroideries to make it look festive.

If you've drawn the PCL flowery Kurta, you should be aware of what you're getting yourself into. The Kurta is composed of Chikankari fabric and adorns embellishing with beautiful embroidery. The same border enhances Kurta's appeal at the 34 sleeves and hem. Aside from that, the Kurta's regular silhouette makes it ideal for pairing with palazzos, slacks, or leggings.

How to Style It

Because there are so many hues to choose from, you may style your Chikankari Kurta in various ways, especially since the Kurta is a fashion statement. Here are some styling suggestions for your Chikankari Kurta:

  • If you're going to a function, add some glitz with a mang tika.
  • Wear chappals, Juttis, or basic flats in a complementary color.
  • Carry a little handbag or a shoulder bag.
  • Pair it with a crimson palazzo or slacks to complete the look.
  • Wear your hair long and open.

For more style tips and gift ideas, visit The Priya Chaudhary Label. Buy the best dresses for your rakhi celebration today.