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Spring Outfits To Wear This Season

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Spring Outfits To Wear This Season

Your beauty takes on a unique radiance during the spring months. It gives you a certain kind of freshness, something that makes you feel alive even in the cold. The warmth of any type becomes your closest friend, and all you want to do is stay in bed and work or sleep or do whatever is required of you.

Isn’t all of this wonderful to your ears and heart? Well, we’re going to put all of that behind us for the year and dive headfirst into summer. The spring season will end soon; therefore, it is the best month to enjoy it. Soak it all in, stay at home, work from home, and buy items you’d wear in your own home for the winter. During the lockdown, ethnic attire has grown rather trendy, especially because more than half of the world stayed at home. And, as everyone knows, there is always a separate wardrobe for house summer and spring outfits. These aren’t always the most fashionable clothes, but they are always the comfiest.

So, have you ever wished for a home wardrobe full of garments that are not only comfy but also fashionable? Isn’t that a strange thought? Come to PCL to see this notion come to life. PCL is the only place to go for spring outfits for women, work-from-home kurtas, and other work-from-home clothing.

Blue and White Dress: Your Favorite Work from Home Kurta 

Green Cotton Printed Kurta With Pants And Dupatta

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At first glance, wearing a summer wear dress while working from home may appear to be the last thing on your mind. But, to be honest, it’s the perfect clothing for working from home. You may choose a blue and white outfit from a variety of options and wear it at home while working or giving a Zoom presentation. It’s a super-comfy summer wear dress that will keep you feeling good all day, even if you’re just sitting around working.

Also Available In Yellow Peach Magenta Grey

Price:- Rs. 5500

Why Get This Blue and White Kurta?

Here are some reasons to get this blue and white dress for your work from home days:

  • It’s an ensemble made of cotton fabric, so there will be no compromise with your comfort.
  • The dress is mid-calf length, so you can easily coordinate it with anything.
  • You can coordinate and style a dupatta with this kurta dress.
  • You could wear heels with this dress or flats; both will look great. 

Mustard Printed Kurta with Pant: Perfect Work from Home Outfit

Yellow Printed Angrakha Kurta With Pants And Dupatta

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If you’re throwing a party at home and intend to invite a large number of guests, you must dress appropriately. Also is there anything better than a lovely mustard-colored patterned kurta with matching pants to wear at home when visitors arrive? Of course, because it’s so elegant, you can wear it to an outdoor event as well. Wear these with heels and your hair open, and you’ll be ready to take on the day!

Also available in Yellow, Red, Green

Price:- Rs. 4400

Why Buy a Printed Kurta with Pants?

Here are some reasons to buy this outfit from PCL:

  • There’s heavy mustard and grey white floral print around the entire kurta, perfect for accentuating its look.
  • This kurta set comes with white pants, so you won’t have to think before coordinating it with anything.
  • The entire ethnic set is made of cotton fabric, which is highly soft and comfy.
  • It has an angrakha collar, which makes it look subtle.

Green Twin Cord Sets: Ideal Work from Home Kurta for Ladies

Green Cotton Linen Top With Lapel Collars Image

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Here’s what you can wear if you’re working from home and know there’ll be a fun Zoom meetup. This Green Twin Co-ord Set is designed for womenswear who are aware that visitors may arrive at any time. Even if you’re working from home, a smart and modern cord set will make you appear great in front of any unexpected visitors or a Zoom call. You can wear this lapel collar co-ord set in whichever way you desire because the kurta has extensive decorations embedded in the fabric, keeping the accessories and makeup modest.

Price:- 5500

Why Buy a Green Twin Cord Set?

Here’s why:

  • The dark green color will beautify your look further.
  • You can wear any light-colored bottom or the same shade bottom with this color.
  • Wear beautiful heels with this outfit, and it would look ideal for 
  • Wear small studs and keep your hair open.

Cotton Flowery Tunic and Pant to Wear at Home

Multicoloured Cotton Short Kurta With Pants Images

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When you don't feel like going out or doing anything strenuous, staying at home is the ideal alternative. You could get some ice cream, watch your favorite show, and dress in a comfortable floral tunic and wide-leg slacks. Isn't it appealing? This is exactly what you'll get if you buy this cotton flowery tunic to wear at home.

Still, want to dress it up a little? So, go ahead and purchase yourself this gorgeous tunic, some little jhumkas, and a smidgeon of makeup.

Price:- Rs. 3500 

Why Get this Floral Tunic?

Here are a few reasons to get this floral top for yourself:

  • This tunic is made using pure cotton and thus if you are getting ready for summer and spring this outfit will be comfortable in the scorching heat. 
  • Wear this tunic with a pair of colored, mix and match jeans, or even white cotton pants.
  • The best part of the vacation dresses is you can wear them the entire day even while lounging at home.

There are ample of other styles to consider for wearing at home. Allow yourself to seem gracious even at home by visiting the PCL website. Purchase some eye-catching trendy summer outfits for the next summer or current winters.