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Steal Signature Ethnic Looks Of Iconic Indian Divas

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Steal Signature Ethnic Looks Of Iconic Indian Divas

Bollywood, for ages, has seen divas stealing the shows outside the sets of the film with their poise and style. They know what to drape, how to look, and what to say. We, as commoners, are always in awe of these celebrities and wish to have their sense of style. However, with too many options, it can be a little challenging to make the right decision.

This is why we’ve enlisted the expertise of some of our most famous ethnic divas. They have perfected an all-encompassing ethnic look that integrates the vital aspects of all the many styles worn across the subcontinent.

Not only that, but the classic elements they’ve chosen for their signature styles are also ageless. Meaning they’re just as relevant and respectable today as they were in the past and will continue to be so in the future. So, without further ado, let’s break down these distinct ethnic styles and find all the tips we can find to style ourselves better.


The regal persona of Jaipur’s dignified Maharani consort has attracted admirers from all around the world. Her highness was a great example of beauty with intelligence and which we frequently know to be one of the most beautiful females in the world. She quickly won people’s hearts with her kindness and compassion. True to her royal bloodlines, she exhibited a real regal sense of style throughout her life, earning her praise from fashion enthusiasts throughout.

Her hallmark style was soft-shaded chiffon sarees, elegantly draped over in the nobly modest manner with long-sleeved and equally simple blouses. throughout her life trajectory, we saw her acing the basics but understatedly regal attires

She used charmingly simple necklaces and earrings, often made of flawless pearls, to suit her modest style. She always wore a tiny touch of a little red bindi on her forehead and rich red-tinted lips for her cosmetics. She’d typically simply wear minimum kohl for her expressive eyes, keeping her hair short in a bobbed cut with cascading waves, in keeping with her humble aesthetic.

Because her overall style has always been fundamental and straightforward, you can borrow some of her signature characteristics if your tastes are similar to hers.


  • Ideal for a regal aesthetic that is both modest and modest.
  • For a delicate touch, use light-weight materials in a pastel palette.
  • More superficial makeup looks using red-tinted lips and kohl to emphasize the face’s innate beauty can be absolute love.
  • Hair that is neat and tidy for a pleasant appearance
  • For a distinguishing noble effortlessness, wear minimal yet superior accessories.


The epitome of elegance and femininity, Rekha is the true timeless diva of Bollywood. Ever since her debut in the Indian cinema, she has successfully stolen millions of viewers’ hearts with her versatile and often memorable roles. As she grew more mature, her roles and sense of style kept on becoming more graceful and resplendent.

These days, her trademark style includes a silk woven saree often with traditional Kanjivaram and Banarasi motifs. The glistening golden undertone of her woven sarees gives her ensemble a glowy resplendence. And to match that effervescence of the attire, she accessories heavily with Polki and beaded golden jewelry.

She wears her inky haircut with a jasmine garland, and she flawlessly enhances her face in warmer colors, gleaming like the goddess on earth that she is. To top it off, she always wears a Potli bag on her arms, which, aside from being a practical item, also helps her maintain a very lovely stance.

While pulling off the quintessential traditional Indian look as Rekha does isn’t easy for everyone, you can easily take certain essential aspects to outshine everyone at your next wedding party.


  • It’s perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
  • For true ethnic diva feelings, authentic Kanjivaram and other traditional weaved silk sarees are available.
  • Warm highlight makeup will complement the saree’s gilded mood.
  • Remember to include standard ethnic Indian components such as bangles and a traditional necklace with Maang tikka.
  • When it comes to lip tints and noticeable bindis on the forehead, don’t be afraid to go big.
  • With a gorgeous jasmine Gajra, you’ll look entirely conventional.


Neeta Ambani attracts a lot of attention as the wife of India’s richest man. In keeping with her aristocratic status, her sense of style is rife with the most opulent of looks. All aspects of her ethnic ensembles exude luxury, from rich embroideries to hypnotic, brilliant, and sophisticated colors to expensive Kundan jewelry sets.

Never aiming for a conservative look, her sense of style exudes wealth, and if you want to emulate this in your ethnic outfit, start with great silhouettes. You can wear a saree, lehenga, or even a suit, but avoid tailored silhouettes if you want to project richness. You can simply choose some more ornately styled ethnic clothing to add more volume to the complete ensemble, just like she did.

Aside from the gown, accessorizing with similarly extravagant accessories is crucial. Many fake Kundan necklace sets on the market may give you the same look without burning a hole in your budget. You can go for a classic Indian appearance with your makeup, varying the intensity depending on the occasion.


  • Perfect for a variety of situations as long as the theme is opulent.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear opulent attire that reflects wealth.
  • Traditional regal colors, whether in jewel tones or pastels, are a good choice.
  • Select top masterpieces such as Kundan and Polki and accessorize freely with either authentic or destination jewelry.
  • To add to the look’s exclusive aura, choose flared and more casual styles.
  • Choose your makeup style based on the significance of the occasion.


Hema Malini has been lulling her fans to sleep for decades with her natural beauty and regal clothing sense. Her movements have been bestowed with a historical grace, nurtured in a culture-rich classical atmosphere of a brahman Tamilian household.

Her artistic sense is unrivaled as a Bharatnatyam dancer, which her fashion style reflects. Note that the first choice for nailing a traditional ethnic look is a saree, which is the ultimate of elegance. Unlike most legendary divas, she does not limit herself to classic saree styles.

She can wear any saree style, whether it’s elaborately embroidered nets or innovative ruffles, with ease. Not solely that, but she also knows how to accessorize each saree style to perfection. That’s why, despite her apparent fondness for gold temple jewelry, Kundan, diamond, stone, or even pearl necklace sets are frequently seen on her person. In a nutshell, her sense of style is simply elegant, and if you want to emulate it, here are a few pointers.


  • Feel free to experiment with new trends if you’re comfortable with them.
  • Drape your saree in a ladylike manner.
  • Be aware of your personal style statement and accessorize with care.
  • Experiment with your hairstyles while remaining ladylike.
  • Use bindi to draw attention to your face’s symmetry and to express pride in your culture.
  • Keep your hands on clutches or any other type of bag to give the impression that you’re serious about your work.


A beauty so enthralling that no one has ever come close to matching it. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a stunning actress who never fails to turn heads with her stunning looks. And that’s before she’s even spoken her opinions, which are equally enthralling when heard.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the former Miss World, has significantly impacted the Indian film business with her unblemished professionalism, tear-jerking performances, and perfect sense of style. She appears magnificent in practically all ethnic womenswear designs due to her innate attractiveness.

She is nearly often seen in the fluid silhouettes of traditional lehenga cholis and Anarkalis whenever she wears an ethnic appearance for personal events. And there’s nothing wrong with us. Both of these styles’ modest couture and flares give her a particular princess-like aspect, making her frame even more appealing to the eye. She uses many liners and shadows on her eyes to add to the mesmerizing effect of her ethnic makeup.

Aside from that, she isn’t afraid to play around with accessories, wearing them when they compliment her overall look. Overall, she takes a freestyle approach to ethnic fashion, with a preference for fluid silhouettes.


  • Know your body shape and choose a silhouette that flatters it the most.
  • Experiment with different color palettes to find which one gives your skin the finest radiance.
  • Accessorize according to the outfit and the event.
  • You should choose makeup tones based on the color and style of your clothes.
  • Always grin with a charming and confident expression.

The points to steal are incredible! However, you need to know that the only commonality between all these divas is their poise and sense of fashion. They understand that a woman never looks better than when she is in one of the best ethnic collections.

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