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Style Guide For Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr

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Style Guide For Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr

The holy month of Ramadan has finally begun! It is a beautiful time to pray for whatever your heart wishes, as well as to enjoy the memorable meals of Suhoor and Iftar. Apart from that, have you made up your mind about the different outfits you’ll be wearing this Ramadan? We’ve been looking at some fantastic deals for you.

While the joy and expectation of tasty and blessed Iftar parties and dinners with friends and family await, creating various looks in Ramzan is challenging. So, whether you’re Muslim or not, we’ve put together a great list of all the many choices you can pursue this year at all the various activities that are waiting for you!

What To Wear in Ramadan?

Here are a few crucial points to remember:

  • This month, exposing skin and wearing tight clothes is strictly prohibited.
  • For daytime wear, use flowy fabrics and skirts.
  • Layer with kimonos and abayas, as well as long cardigans.
  • When attending Iftar parties, accessorizing is crucial.
  • Keep your boots elegant and straightforward, and avoid wearing something that is awkward.
  • It is totally up to you whether or not to wear a hijab.
  • For Ramadan parties, try out some different hijab types.

Rules You Need To Check Before Styling During Ramadan

We have a closer look at the laws of modest dress for Muslims and non-Muslims during the Holy Month.

  • The first rule is to cover your shoulders.

Stop string vests, crop tops, and one-shoulder outfits by adding t-shirts and 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve tops to your closet. Have light jackets or kaftans in your Ramadan wardrobe as well.

  • The second rule is to keep your cleavage hidden.

Avoid any top that exposes too much of your cleavage, wildly plunging necklines, and tops/dresses that display your skin. You should postpone this exposure until you’re at the beach or by the pool! What exactly is the polar opposite of a low neckline? The neckline is really high!

  • The third rule is to have your legs covered.

During the Holy Month of Ramadan, avoid dressing in something that exposes your legs. Hot trousers, as well as dresses or skirts with slits up the side, are a no-no. Instead, go for loose dresses, midi and maxi lengths, and flowy fabrics for modern comfort.

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