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Style Tips On How To Ace Jumpsuit Looks

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Style Tips On How To Ace Jumpsuit Looks

Without a doubt, jumpsuits are a style statement. The all-in-one outfit creates a striking look beyond a simple dress or pants and top combo and into the more fashionable territory. So, why do so many women endure to avoid this on-trend look? It isn’t always the most effortless piece of clothing to wear. Your jumpsuit can go from style hero to fashion zero if you choose the wrong fit or accessories. Fortunately, we’re here to ensure that every look you put together is seriously chic. Here’s how to dress like a street-style star in a jumpsuit.

When to Wear a Jumpsuit

Formal Occasions

When it comes to formal occasions, women frequently believe that a dress is their only choice. While a suit may be the “safe” option for suitable attire, it rarely has the same result as a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits can be just as elegant and refined as a dress while also providing an unexpected wow factor that will earn you some great style points. So, for your next formal occasion, try something new and wear a jumpsuit. Choose a sleek and well-fit style that flatters your figure, then accessorize with simple yet chic accessories.

Casual Occasions

If you want to add any serious style to a casual event, a casual jumpsuit is a must-have. The casual jumpsuit is the ideal item to break you out of your jeans and T-shirt rut. It’s relaxed, super comfortable, and oh-so-chic. Choose from cotton and denim fabrics in a variety of silhouettes to find the one that best suits your personal style. Loose-fit jumpsuits with an elasticated or drawstring waist, in particular, are universally flattering and ideal for first-time jumpsuit wearers. If you intend to wear flats with your jumpsuit, choose a cropped style boot or lace-up sandal that ends at or slightly above the ankles. This will aid in creating balance and keeping the look lean, lengthened, and slim.

Jumpsuit Accessories

While wearing a jumpsuit makes outfit coordination much more manageable than most other garments, it still requires some thought. Yes, you can wear only one piece of clothing, but you must still consider how you will accessorize it. If you choose the wrong accessories, the entire look can become sloppy and unappealing. To look stylish, plan out your outfit, paying particular attention to your shoes, jewelry, and belt. After all, this statement style necessitates accessories that complement it, so select ones that complement well. The goal is to find accessories that can highlight your jumpsuit while also breaking up its monotony.

Jumpsuit + Belts

wearing a belt with your jumpsuit

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A belt is an essential accessory for wearing a jumpsuit, especially if you’re still unsure about the style. By wearing a belt with your jumpsuit, you can define your waist in a very flattering way. Even if the style is already ideal, fitting at the waist, a belt will make you look slimmer and transform a column shape into an hourglass. For those who are yet new to jumpsuits, we advise wearing a belt in a color that contrasts with the color of your jumpsuit. This will give your outfit a new dimension and break up the straight line of your jumpsuit, which can otherwise appear overwhelming. For a well-put-together look, try matching the color of your belt to the color of your shoes.

Jumpsuit + Jewellery

little boring without the right accessories

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While jumpsuits are a statement piece, they can look a little boring without the right accessories. Without the additional outfit dimension that accessories, such as jewelry, provide, block color varieties, in particular, tend to lose their wow-factor. Jewelry adds a secondary focal point to your outfit, expanding your look beyond the jumpsuit. It adds an interesting detail that will catch the attention of those around you. Choose statement pieces, such as a chunky necklace or large pendant earrings. Gold looks great with formal jumpsuits, while a pop of color can add some fun to casual looks.


relaxed feel of the outfit

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The final step in accomplishing your jumpsuit look is deciding what to do with your hair. A variety of factors influence whether you wear your hair up or down with your jumpsuit. There is undoubtedly no hard and fast rule for how you should wear your hair; some general guidelines can help you decide.

Wearing your hair down looks best with casual jumpsuits because it complements the relaxed feel of the outfit. Try some beach waves or a super low and loose ponytail. Because casual jumpsuits expose more skin around the shoulders and chest, wearing your hair out helps to balance the look. Formal jumpsuits, which have a higher finish, look best with a polished updo. This style will not only complement your chic look but will also help lengthen your neck to avoid an overabundance of coverage in the same shoulder/chest region.


1. Choose a wide-leg jumpsuit that falls just above the knee if you are tall. 2. Choose a slim, cropped style if you are short. 3. Choose a sleek and well-tailored jumpsuit that flatters your figure for a formal event. 4. Wear a loose-fit jumpsuit with an elasticated or drawstring waist for a cool casual look. 5. Accessorize your jumpsuit look with trendy accessories like jewelry, shoes, and belts, or use layering to add interest.

Jumpsuits, like dresses, come in a variety of styles, so finding the right one for you is an integral part of pulling off this look. Consider your requirements when shopping for a jumpsuit. Are you looking for a daytime jumpsuit or something more formal for an evening look? Do you need long sleeves to keep warm in the winter, or will a strapless style keep you cool in the summer? Once you’ve familiarised yourself with your needs, you can begin focusing on the specifics. Styles that are lean at the waist and then looser on the legs are generally the most flattering. If you are tall, wide-leg jumpsuits that end just above the ground will look great on you. To avoid looking swamped in the fabric, choose a slim, cropped style if you challenge vertically.

Accessories aren’t the only way to perfect your jumpsuit look. Layering can also help you feel comfortable while still looking great. The most straightforward way to layer a jumpsuit is with a jacket on top. For formal occasions, wear a blazer, and for casual occasions, wear a leather jacket. During the day, you can even tie a jacket around your waist instead of a belt to add shape definition. Another possibility is to wear a shirt or top underneath your jumpsuit. This is a current dress trend that also works well with jumpsuits. Begin with a plain white T-shirt before progressing to more fashionable items such as off-the-shoulder tops in the summer and turtleneck sweaters in the winter. In addition, in PCL, we created a set with a cape. You can easily layer it and add a belt if desired. Look at the image below.

You can wear a variation of shoes with a jumpsuit. They can be a wedge or thin heels, mid-height or taller, and both sandals and pumps will work equally well.

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