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Styling Advice To Rock A Cape Like A Fashion Icon

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Styling Advice To Rock A Cape Like A Fashion Icon

If you believe that only superheroes wear capes, you’re mistaken. Our collection won’t make you invisible or grant you superpowers, but they will boost your style in more ways than you might expect. They’re a perennial trend that keeps reappearing year after year. In fact, they’re an excellent investment piece that will serve you well from autumn through spring and beyond. Our capes will take your personal style to a whole new level by adding mystery and elegance. So, here’s how to rock a cape like a style legend, along with seven styling ideas.

First and foremost. Take a look at this little film made by the designer of our exquisitely handcrafted capes. It demonstrates how quickly and effortlessly you can throw a cape on to modify an outfit. Our capes are a beautiful way to bring outerwear indoors and a versatile option to a coat (except you live in the North Pole).

Playing around with your cape and experimenting with different ways to wear it is a brilliant idea. Here are seven styling tips to help you look amazing now that you know how to wear a cape!

How To Wear A Cape 

Capes are beautiful creations, but you need to be really careful while styling them. They can be definite hits or bad fits. So, now what do you need to do in order to look effortlessly magnificent. First, start by buying a good quality cape from The Priya Chaudhary Label and then adhere to the tips below.

Keep it Simple

You can achieve a casual weekend look by layering the cloak over a pair of trousers and a t-shirt. Cropped jeans look great with ankle boots, flats, or charming heels. If you’re used to wearing dark-washed intelligent jeans, a pair of brogues or loafers will give you a brighter, more mature appearance. If you need to detail the pockets on basic pants or shorts, wear a long cape.

casual weekend look photo

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Work Outfits That Will Make You Look Good

Bring your cape to work with you. Adding a cape to a sharp suit with a gorgeous top or a fitted dress with opaque tights makes a personalized statement about your style and strengthens your individual brand, whether it’s a sharp suit with a notable top or a fitting dress with black opaque tights. When you want to create an impression at work, this is just what you need.

Wear It As Part Of Your Outfit

Adding a belt to your cape will give it more structure and appear as it belongs to your outfit. This looks great with a dress or skirt and is ideal for wearing in a stuffy office where the AC is too cold for us ladies! For more excellent definitions and a style statement, choose a belt that complements the cape’s darker tones. When the cape is long, there are fewer layers on the front, and you have a more defined waist.

Wear It As Part Of Your Outfit

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Add a Hat 

For an ultra-sophisticated style, start by wearing a brushed beret or felted fedora. Choose a knitted beanie or beret for a more relaxed look. However, if you are not an aficionado of headgears, believe me, you don’t need it. Nowadays, there are such beautiful headbands and scrunchies that you can add them.

Allow the Cape to Speak for Itself

For a sleek, refined look, opt for a color block ensemble. Add a pair of sunglasses to perfect the look.

Allow the Cape to Speak for Itself

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Add Boots to the mix.

Capes look fantastic with boots. You may adjust the length of the cape to suit your outfit, whether you’re wearing tall boots or ankle boots. However, if you are wearing it as an ensemble with a jumpsuit or pants and tops cords, wear HEELS! Heels are uplifters of fashion, and it will be fabulous with your demeanor.


If you’re wearing a cape, you might not think it’s necessary to accessorize. Because the cape has only armholes and no bulky sleeves, you can wear some gorgeous bracelets. Stack your bracelets for a laid-back weekend appearance, or go for a sleek office approach with just one striking bracelet. To complete your ensemble, add a necklace.

The PCL Cape

A lovely dress with a realistic style! The Cotton Linen Dress and Cape Set is a tint that gives you a royal appearance. These Cotton Linen Dress and Cape Sets are available in olive green and magenta colors with an unusual appearance that makes them stand out. It has a beautiful V-neck and is sleeveless, making it fashionable, comfortable, and enjoyable to wear. These Linen Dress and Cape Set comprises cotton and linen, which makes them highly comfy. It also comes with a cape that you can wear with the dress to complete the look. Wear it as a semi-formal dress or casual everyday wear on outings. The Magenta and olive Cotton Linen Dress and Cape Set will give your closet a new look.

FAQs About Cape

Recently on our social media platforms, we got many FAQs regarding which fabric outfits one should buy in the blistering heat, what design you should invest in, etc. So for all those answers, check the FAQ section below.


Without a doubt, the first fabric you can invest in is fleece. But if you are not a fan of fleece, you can go for velvet, crepe, and linen. All of these fabrics are incredibly breathable and will provide you a definite comfort when the chilly winds don’t leave you alone.

According to us, you can invest in any fabric cape; however, for a sure shot attention grabber, you should go for linen, georgette, or any fabric that is both stiff and flowy.

We at PCL are the biggest fans of designs such as tie and dye, bandhani, Chikankari motifs, and motif design. Also, remember that any fabric that has a bit of floral will be an ideal choice for your winter wardrobe.