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The Priya Chaudhary Label: Jalsa Collection

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The Priya Chaudhary Label: Jalsa Collection

Chanderi is a classic ethnic cloth known for its lightness, sheer texture, and rich feel. The dazzling texture of Chanderi fabric is achieved by weaving silk and golden Zari into traditional cotton yarn. The fabric is named after the small town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, where traditional weavers create textured cotton and silk sarees with delicate zari embroidery.

Chanderi silk cotton, pure silk, and Chanderi cotton are the three varieties of this fabric. Artisans traditionally use Chanderi cloth which was traditionally used in the manufacturing of sarees and salwar kameez.

Young women nowadays prefer to wear Chanderi sarees. It has become the most modest Indian ethnic apparel and is a must-have piece for every saree enthusiast. Chanderi sarees are a beautiful choice for summer wear as well as formal occasions like weddings and pujas.


Chanderi town has been known as one of the top handloom clusters in India from ancient times, where Chanderi cloth was made using handspun cotton warps and wefts. However, the fabric’s transformation began in the 1890s, when weavers in Chanderi replaced handspun yarns with mad mill yarns. However, if legends are accepted, the Chanderi fabric dates back to the Vedic Period and was founded by Lord Krishna’s cousin Shishupal.

The royal family of Scindia patronized Chanderi sarees in 1910, and it was around this time that the golden thread design appeared for the first time in a cotton muslin saree. During the Mughal era, however, the popularity of this fabric skyrocketed, and it was the preferred cloth of India’s queens. Chanderi weavers in Madhya Pradesh found Japanese silk in the 1930s. They began using it to replace the warps of cotton sarees, and thus the Chanderi silk type was born.

Fashion Connect

Chanderi fabric has held a special place in the Indian handloom industry from ancient times. Chanderi fabric is currently widely utilized by fashion designers to produce Indo-western gowns, tunics, and tops, thanks to a mix of traditional and modern weaving techniques. This cloth, according to the designers, is traditionally used to make nine-yard draperies.

Fashion designers have recently collaborated with Chanderi weavers to create stylish closet staples. The sheer texture, fineness, and glossiness of the fabric have piqued the interest of numerous fashion designers. Renowned designers like Rahul Mishra and Sanjay Garg have given this cloth a stylish twist with their works. Modern patterns, such as dresses, jackets, shrugs, and trench coats, are now woven in this handloom cloth with traditional themes. Designer Vijay Balhara’s fondness for this fabric inspired him to present a range of resort wear woven in Chanderi during Lakme Fashion Week in 2011.

Now 2011 was way too long ago in 2021; the best collection has come up at the Priya Chaudhary label. The designer has really kicked off the design on beautiful Chanderi. Check the collection below.

Embroidered Chanderi Silk-Set Of 3

Embroidered Chanderi Silk-Set Of 3

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This traditional outfit is a superb representation of Indian ethnic dress. Hand-embroidered Chanderi silk kurta, palazzo, and organza dupatta are a must-have. The embroidery work is exquisite and perfectly complements the sea green colour. You can quickly wear this on both festive as well as casual occasions.

Embroidered Chanderi Silk with Organza Dupatta- Set Of 3

This Chanderi silk is stitched in yellow, blue, and pink. Kurti is made of Chanderi silk and organza silk and has a straightforward design. Our craftspeople have worked tirelessly to create a fitting that is both comfortable and stylish. You may wear this kurta with your favourite jhumka earrings and stylish heels to complete the look. The colours are so beautiful that they are ideal for a newly wedded wife.

Hand Embroidered Chanderi Silk Set Of 3

Hand Embroidered Chanderi Silk Set Of 3

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This brown, green, purple hand embroidered Chanderi silk kurta will add a touch of richness to your holiday ensemble. It was handcrafted by PCL’s skilled artisans to provide you with a highly breathable material. The pattern allows you to show off your hand embroidery in style. The organza dupatta gives the outfit a classy finish.

Characteristic of Chanderi

Chanderi fabric is distinguished from other handloom fabrics by its creation of unique buttis or motifs and its transparent or sheer texture.

Motifs or Buttis

Chanderi fabric’s buttis, or motifs, are typically handwoven on a handloom with needles. Different needles are used to produce various motifs. Weavers use gold, silver, and copper to cover these motifs. Swans, gold coins, fruits, and heavenly bodies are among the natural-inspired motifs used in Chanderi weaving.

From classic floral, peacocks, and lotus themes to modern geometric patterns, Chanderi fabrics now feature remarkably gorgeous motifs such as ‘Nalferma,’ ‘Dandidar,’ ‘Chatai,’ ‘Jangla,’ Mehndi wale hath,’ and so on. Chanderi sarees’ colour range is dominated by delicate pastel hues, although vivid combinations have emerged with the passage of time.


Chanderi fabric is distinguished by its transparency or sheer texture, which distinguishes it from other Indian textiles. This fabric’s transparency is due to the usage of a single Feature grade yarn. When the glue in a raw yarn is not removed from it, the non-degumming gives the completed fabric a shine and transparency, resulting in Feature yarn.

Reasons to have Chanderi suits in your wardrobe.

Without an extensive collection of prominent and exquisite Indian Salwar Kameez, no Indian lady’s collection is complete. It doesn’t matter whether you have an extensive collection; the main thing is whether you own a Chanderi suit. They are traditional, and in recent years, they have grown in favour, and here are a few reasons why you should take money out of your pocket and get the latest collection of Chanderi suits!

Credibility and Heritage

Credibility and Heritage

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Chanderi, a small town in Madhya Pradesh, is the source of this silk. The material was established by Lord Krishna’s relative Shishupala, according to local legend and history. The weaving tradition, which is so essential in society, began in the second century on the outlines of two states, Malwa and Bundelkhand. The cloth itself is of such high quality that it is well worth owning. Chanderi silk suits are now available in the long-range on internet platforms, starting with sarees and other fabrics. Shop for new designer Chanderi silk suits today if you want to wear something exceptional to the upcoming party.

Royal and made for every pocket

The texture is now manufactured all across the country using finely chosen cotton, gold string, and organic silk, but the silk itself is naturally royal! It’s known as Royal Indian silk, and it has a lovely and refined appearance. Chanderi is a class apart from all other fabrics. It also comes with weaving that one can only describe as sumptuous, and best of all, it is a gorgeous material that is highly affordable. Whether it’s the end of the month or not, this excellent piece will satisfy your buying needs.

Chanderi for the Chills

With the arrival of winter, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to wear a salwar kameez without a cumbersome shawl. This becomes a significant issue for a party or wedding reception! Chanderi is the solution. Chanderi is a full-sleeved, thick-material purchase that will have you open to looking lovely and keeping you as warm as you need. This season, Chanderi is great for you because it is both comfortable and stylish.

Chanderi is Charming

Chanderi is available in a variety of fabrics, including pure silk, cotton, and silk cotton, to meet your specific demands. It is a top option because of the best materials, the smooth and lightweight surface of this texture, and the mind-boggling designs. The weaving found in flower handicrafts, traditional coins, peacocks, and geometric plans is woven into the material with many design patterns. It also adds to the flawlessness of traditional gems by complementing the small embellishments, and zari work creates a style worth your wealth.

For all Occasions

Chanderi, being as excellent a piece of fabric as it is, makes for an ideal dress for happy puja events, office gatherings, relaxed ensembles, and spending time with your female friends. It’s the understated yet adorable outfit you need in your life. In any case, for trouble-free events, you need to look great and be helpful, and the most fabulous dress you can have is this one. So, if you’re shopping online today, order some party dress suits and pretend to be a princess.


Chanderi fabric’s transparent texture necessitates extra caution. To conserve the beautiful Zari work on Chanderi fabric, it’s best to dry clean it. Avoid drying in direct sunshine and dry in the shade.

With so much trend of Chanderi in the market, one thing here is sure that everyone who wants to look fashion empowered needs to invest in at least one Chanderi suit. As you might have seen above, PCL has an excellent collection. Be cautious of colour and navigate to the Priya Chaudhary Label’s official website.