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Top 5 Velvet Kurta Sets To Try This Winter

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Top 5 Velvet Kurta Sets To Try This Winter

You must be feeling the chills while going out, with not just us but our coconut oil starting to freeze. What does that mean? Clearly, winter is right around the corner or has already approached. Before the chilly winds come, you should be prepared with winter-friendly clothes. There are numerous options available out there, so which fabric to choose? Seems quite hard, right? Don’t worry; we are here to let you know one of the most favorite fabrics of winter fashion.

You might have heard of the velvet fabric. The fabric is generally used to make furniture covers, curtains, or drapes is velvet fabric. Before going further, let us know more about velvet fabric.

What Is Velvet?

The velvet fabric is known for its soft and luxurious texture, and it is one of the best upholstery fabrics. Apart from this, it has also emerged as the most popular evening wear dresses. While talking about its history, the fabric was first introduced in the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, around the mid 8th century. It later became quite popular in several parts of Europe and the Mediterranean region. You might have studied about the Renaissance; during that period, Florence, Italy, became the hub of velvet production.

velvet fabric

Why Is Velvet Called The Fabric Of Royalty?

Velvet is generally regarded as one of the most premium fabrics out there. You would not believe that at one point, only the French king, his family, and associates had the right to use the blue velvet. Furthermore, true velvet is generally a blend of silk, rayon, and acetate. There is no doubt that velvet is one of the most premia and used fabrics for ethnic wear in India. The material can make your dress look expensive and also, the highlight of the fabric is that it does not need much jewelry or ornamentation to look gorgeous. We at PCL love this fabric of royalty; check the pieces mentioned below.

Teal blue silk velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta- Set of 3

First on our list is the fascinating teal blue velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta. The product from the house of Priya Chaudhary Label can be the best pick for ethnic and winter wear for women. The unique neck design accentuates your neckline and makes the kurta more alluring. The kurta is paired with comfortable silk pants and an organza dupatta.

velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta

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Magenta silk velvet kurta with pant and tissue organza dupatta- Set of 3

You would love this exquisite magenta silk velvet kurta set. This alluring ethnic set for ladies is enhanced with minimal embellishments. The flowing sleeves with golden borders would make you look super stunning. Buy this ethnic wear from the Priya Chaudhary Label website to flaunt around your friends, cousins, family at weddings, and several other functions.

velvet kurta with pant and tissue organza dupatta dress

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Purple silk velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta- Set of 3

Finding the best velvet kurta sets and Indian or Pakistani velvet Kurtis online has become quite hard, but this ethnic set would solve all your problems. Crafted in silk velvet, the Purple velvet kurta, baggy pants, and kora silk dupatta would be a great winter wear option. The velvet Kurti has a V-shaped neckline adorned with a beautiful border. The dress can be paired with high heels, mules, mojaris, or any other ethnic sandals.

silk velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta

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Peach silk velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta- Set of 3

The peach velvet kurta set is one of the most beautiful ethnic sets you would find on the Priya Chaudhary Label website. Office-goers can use the product as it has minimal ornamentation. It has elbow-length sleeves and a V-shaped neck that would help you to flaunt your collarbones. The simple design and pattern make it even more pretty.

silk velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta

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Light brown silk velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta- Set of 3

If you want something like a blend of simplicity and elegance? Then this ethnic set can be the best option. The highlight of the kurta set is its subdued color. You might not have seen a beautiful light brown ethnic wear like this before. The comfortable pants are adorned with a border at the bottom. This is truly the best design for women who look for something classy and elegant.

Light brown silk velvet kurta with pants and tissue organza dupatta

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Velvet’s Brief History

As mentioned earlier, velvet is linked with the European aristocracy, but the fabric originated from Baghdad, Iraq. However, archaeologists even found fragments of velvet made up of silk dating back to the early 5th century BC. At the same time, fragments have also been gathered from a few parts of Iraq and Egypt dating back to the 3rd century BC.

Through trade, velvet came to Europe along the Silk Route (a route that connected China, the Middle East, and Europe). Furthermore, Italy became the first country in Europe to have a velvet industry. Lately, it has become the largest producer and supplier throughout the European continent. Italy dominated the market from the 12th to 18th centuries. 

During the Renaissance (a rebirth of European art, politics, economy, and culture), velvet became a luxurious item used in chairs, garments, and curtains. Also, during that period, velvet production was at its peak.

The Industrial Revolution also played a crucial role in enabling faster and cheaper production of several fabrics, prominently velvet.

Even though the production was taking place at a cheap rate, velvet was still used as a luxurious fabric. The level of beauty and glamour remained the same.

From the late 20th century, the fabric became quite extraordinary among celebrities. Women of the 1970s incorporated velvet into floating dresses, kimonos, and bell bottoms. Nowadays, velvet fabric is used in numerous collections, styles, and shapes.

What Makes Velvet Expensive?

You might have noticed that people are generally reluctant to buy velvet due to its high price. However, they don’t consider the time and effort it takes to produce. Unlike other fabrics, velvet is not flat-woven and requires more yarn and more production steps.

Firstly, yarn is taken from several materials and knitted together on a loom between backing layers. The next step is to break the loom from the middle and create two indistinguishable materials, each with the uplifted pile, giving it a gentle feel.

Unlike other fabrics, velvet production is quite a complex and tedious job to do. The primary reason behind its high-cost price is the production process and natural silk fibers.

If you want to purchase velvet fabric for your curtains and upholstery, you may browse our website to see our vast collection. You will get numerous options at reasonable prices at the Priya Chaudhary Label.