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Top Stylish Palazzo Pants for 2021

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Top Stylish Palazzo Pants for 2021

Summer days are excruciating, and to ensure that we feel at ease, we need to let go of our denim while heading out of the door in such hot weather. Asking to let go of denim jeans might seem like a big task but not when you know the best bottom wear options. The title indeed gave you the idea, so yes, we are here to talk about the top stylish palazzo pants for 2021. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of palazzos and points you need to keep in mind while styling them.


Scallop palazzo might sound like a novel style to you, and it actually is. In layman's language, the scallop is a zig-zag pattern adorned on the palazzo pants’ hem. It accentuates even the simplest of outfits to perfection. You can shop scalloped chanderi silk pants from PCL at an affordable price.

SCALLOPED PALAZZO, scalloped chanderi silk pants from PCL

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  • Scalloped palazzos are ideal for every look whatsoever. You can style them up with everything from Chanderi silk Kurta to crop ethnic blouses.
  • Avoid going for t-shirts.
  • Desired fabric for the scalloped palazzo can be organza.


As the name suggests, layered palazzos are a combination of two fabrics that are attached in a unique, offbeat manner. These palazzo pants are one of the apt options for adding a spark to your traditional wear.

LAYERED PALAZZO, traditional wear

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  • The casual design of palazzo can be styled to perfection on casual, summer festive occasions.
  • They work well with crop tops and short kurtas.
  • Desirable fabrics are cotton and rayon.
  • Avoid wearing Kurtis without a slit.


POCKET PALAZZO, Pocket palazzos and classic palazzos

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Pocket palazzos and classic palazzos are not sky-earth different from one another. Instead, these are just like any casual palazzo with additional pockets on both sides.


  • Pocked palazzos give an effortless formal look; therefore, the best occasion to style them can be college or any semi-formal outing/ event.
  • Wearable with tuck-in shirts or tops till waistline.
  • Desirable fabrics are georgette and rayon.
  • Avoid styling Anarkali Kurtis with pocket palazzos.


CULOTTES, Culottes are palazzo pants

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Culottes are palazzo pants that are comparatively shorter in length and have a fared design. The highlight of this design is its contemporary imagery and trendsetting appeal.


  • The best occasion for styling the outfit can be while going to college or for an outing.
  • Style them up with tops till hip or shirts.
  • Model fabric for usage can be georgette, cotton, or rayon.
  • Try avoiding long Kurtis as they will hide the design.


BORDERED PALAZZO, bottom wear look

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Bordered palazzo is marked differently from the rest because of the borderline featured on the hem. These bottom wear look simple and have a sophisticated touch attached to them.


  • Heavy embroidery on palazzo can make them perfect for family gatherings, traditional looks, and festivals. 
  • You should wear bordered palazzos with Anarkali or straight Kurtas, ethnic blouses, or front slit Kurta.
  • Ask your tailor to stitch bordered palazzo using cotton or silk fabric.
  • Bordered palazzos work well with absolutely everything so style them well (both with a traditional and modern touch). 


Side slit palazzos are the trend of 2020, and their infuse elegance will ensure that they don’t go out of trend anytime soon. The pants feature slits (cuts) on both slides suitable for injecting a fashion dose to your look.


  • Side slits are incredibly chic and stylish. So, pair them up on occasions such as business casual outings and work gatherings.
  • Goes well with shirts, casual crop t-shirts, and blazers.
  • Ideal fabrics for stitching can be cotton and polyester. 
  • As these palazzos have a modern touch, avoid wearing ethnic tops.
  • Style high-slit palazzos with buttoned blouses, bralettes, and body-hugging crop tops.
  • Avoid wearing Kurtis and long tops as they might look uncouth.

Another variation in slits design is the high slit palazzo that features a thigh-high design. The slit on these pants is extended, and it makes the legs look sassy. These pants add a modern allure to your outfit.


Tiered palazzos are comparatively tighter above calves and level like at the bottom. This style of palazzos is ideal for infusing glam into your outfit.


  • Ideal for the casual, festive occasion (depending on the design).
  • Looks perfect with long tops and knee-length Kurtis
  • Use cotton fabric for stitching.
  • Avoid wearing Anarkalis as it will take away the entire essence.

Shop the look: Tiered palazzo are ideal additions to wardrobe; shop them from the vast collection of leheriya tiered cotton pants from PCL.


Aforementioned we learned the wonder of side slit palazzos. Now the other bang on stunning look is front slit palazzos. The style is the highlight in 2021, and the beauty that it offers will allow it to stay in trend for a long, long time.


  • Best for occasions such as day-to-night beach parties or casual date hangouts.
  • You can style them up with crop tops, strappy tops, short peplum kurta, and even tank tops.
  • Use fabrics with thick textures such as viscose, crepe, or rayon.
  • These palazzos will lose their touch if you style them up with ethnicity.


Straight-legged pants are classics of a palazzo. They fall parallel on the length of the leg and feature a flare in the end. The simplicity they yield makes them suitable choices to go for with A-line kurta on blistering summer days.

STRAIGHT FLARED PALAZZO, Straight-legged pants are classics of a palazzo

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  • You can style straight flared palazzos on absolutely any summer, casual day occasion with every Kurti and top. Try getting the palazzo stitched in cotton or viscose fabric.


We for decades have been wearing denim pants and therefore understand the lack of comfort they yield in summer. Flared denim palazzos, on the other hand, act as denim pants and are also highly comfortable.


  • Denim palazzos are bonafide beauties that go well with monochromatic shirts and printed blouses.
  • Work well for casual outings.
  • The usable fabric is cotton denim.
  • Avoid pairing a denim shirt/ blouse with these palazzos.


Tassel palazzo pants are nothing but quality bell-bottom palazzos. The material used in these palazzo pants is a little sturdy and they, therefore, offer an ideal fit to help you showcase your curves.


  • Tassel palazzo looks just like bell-bottoms, therefore work ideally on occasions such as shopping outings and college.
  • For a flawless look, go for crop, strappy, or tank tops.
  • The ideal fabric for stitching can be polyester and silk.
  • Refrain from styling Kurtis that hides drawstrings

These palazzos are just a glimpse of the wide range of palazzos we store. Visit the Priya Chaudhary Label and get your hands on the best palazzos at an affordable price today.