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Why Should You Toss Jumpsuits And Crop Tops In Summer?

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Why Should You Toss Jumpsuits And Crop Tops In Summer?

Summers are all about comfortable and flattering silhouettes. What can be better than styling stunning crop tops and jumpsuits? There's a special reason why jumpsuits and crop tops never go out of style. These silhouettes are fresh, modern, and effortless to style. In addition, they effortlessly turn all the heads towards you with the simple addition of heels and accessories.

Women's jumpsuits were first created in 1919, particularly for women parachuters to jump out of planes. Hence the name is jumpsuits. Later, in the 1930s, it was introduced to fashion by Elsa Schiaparelli, a rival of Coco Chanel. The outfit started to become popular among men and women. Jumpsuits became so popular that by the 1980s, designers declared it the ballgown of the next century. Since then, Jumpsuits have been a stylish yet comfortable choice for women worldwide.

In contrast, crop tops were originally created by men for men, and it was a part of men's fashion for centuries. Fashion sources tell us that it all began in the early 70s when bodybuilders cut off the bottom of their shirts to work out comfortably. After several years women started to flatter crop tops, blouses, and pants.

Interestingly, today, both of these fashion statements are adored by normal men, women, and celebs. Jumpsuits and crop tops are both stylish and breezy. Therefore, you should amp your summer fashion with these stylish jumpsuits and crop tops.

The Ravishing Rustic Crop Top

Here is a super chic and breezy designer crop top from the 5th Avenue collection. The beautiful crop top is available in sizes XS to 3XL and in different colors. It has an abstract rustic colored design, which gives it an exquisite boho look. Moreover, this crop top is made from pure cotton so that you feel cool and comfortable all day long. Also, it flatters all body types and sizes and instantly makes you look decent and classy. It will look perfect in white bottoms. So, wear a pair of complementing pants and sneakers to complete the ensemble. You will find this complete set on our website.

Rust Crop Top With White High Waist Pant

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If crop tops aren't your style, there are other summer tops for women which are equally fashionable and relaxing. For example, this pretty shirt that we will show you next.

The Enchanting Yellow Shirt Top

Your cute summer outfits search is over with this Yellow Cotton Linen Shirt. This is a unique and glam outfit from the Umber collection. It is a fantastic, breezy yet stylish shirt top with a cute collar and pocket. It effortlessly makes you look pretty and gives a summery vibe. Moreover, it also has an abstract design to add the funk. You can style it with white cotton pants and blue denim jeans if you wish so. Wear it with platform heels, flats, and sneakers, and steal all the attention away with one glimpse of this shirt.

Yellow Cotton Linen Shirt With White Pant

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The Classy Chic Brown Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are trendy and elegant summer clothes for women that are convenient, comfortable, and give you a chic look. Here is an elegant jumpsuit for modern women who like to experiment with colors and styles. This stylish designer jumpsuit is from the Umber collection.

This brown jumpsuit set is made of twill cotton, known for its excellent draping ability. The twill cotton top and pants will give you supreme comfort, and the stylish collar cut will bring out your best features. It is ideal for wearing in the office or casually on fun brunch days. Wear this jumpsuit dress with a golden or silver pair of heels, hoop earrings, and accessories to outshine everywhere.

Brown Crop Cotton Twill Shirt And Pant

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The Ethereal Baggy Green Jumpsuit

Are you looking for a chic baggy fit? Baggy jumpsuits are ideal summer clothes for women.

Here is an ethereal pastel jumpsuit with a loose fit from the Umber collection. Do you know what makes this outfit more special and sophisticated? It has a belt that you can adjust to this dress according to your preference. This jumpsuit is super easy to wear and carry around to wear at the office, on picnics, brunch dates, or even at home. Moreover, you can style the top and pants separately. Isn't this outfit a wise and money-saving fashion choice? Wear this trendy jumpsuit with high heels, stone earrings, studs, and accessories to complete your chic look.

Green Cotton Linen Top And Pant

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The Comfy Green Long Top

If you do not prefer jumpsuits and crop top designs yet do not want to compromise on style. Here is an outfit that will give you the appeal of a jumpsuit.

Long tops for women never go out of style. You can style them with cotton pants, denim, skirts, and endless ways. Keeping the season's heat and humidity in mind, here is a stunning long top that you can style as a jumpsuit. It is white and has a detailed green abstract design all over it. Furthermore, it is made with pure breathable cotton to make you feel comfortable and breezy. To style this outfit like a jumpsuit, you need complementing white baggy cotton pants and a belt. Now you have to tie the belt around your waist. Do it properly so that the top’s pleats do not look wrinkled. Let the pleats flow, and you have a no-hassle jumpsuit ready to flaunt.

Green Cotton Kurta

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Are you looking for breezy party outfits? Here are what you have been searching for, classy, elegant jumpsuits for weddings

The Embellishing Teal Blue Dress

This elegant cape dress is from the Umber collection. It is a very convenient designer's masterpiece with pockets on the side. Also, the cape will make you feel like a superwoman. This fashionable cape dress is fabricated from breathable cotton and linen fabrics and has a stunning V-neck design to flaunt your best features. You can style this versatile dress both as western wear and ethnic wear. To flaunt it at office parties, wear studs, hoops, and heels with glam makeup. On the other hand, you need to wear heavy earrings, bindi, Gajra, etc., for an ethnic look. Whatever style you choose to flaunt, you will look marvelous in this dress.

Teal Blue Cotton Linen A-Line Dress With Pockets In The Side

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The Alluring Magenta Cape Dress

Here is another attractive, pretty, and breezy silhouette from the Umber collection. This pretty magenta pink dress is made from cotton and linen and is sleeveless with a stunning V-neck design. This pattern makes the dress an excellent choice to wear at parties. Complement this comfortable and stylish cape dress with contrasting heels and jewelry. You can add a waistbelt to this dress to make it look even prettier. Add this to your wardrobe and showcase it at parties the way you want.

Magenta Cotton Linen Dress

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So, these were some fantastic summer tops and dresses that you can wear and flaunt everywhere you go. We hope you will finally free your shopping wishlist and style these versatile jumpsuits and crop tops.

While searching for tops for women, you will get thousands of results, but you will not find these breezy versatile, yet stylish silhouettes anywhere else. So, visit the Priya Chaudhary Label, and browse all these designer jumpsuits and crop tops. Our brand is dedicated to modern and bold women, so have a happy shopping experience.


The name “jumpsuit” is very literal. It began as a uniform for parachuters and skydivers. The outfit’s specific purpose was for jumping from planes. Pilots and other professional drivers also adopted this garment for their own lines of work. And hence, the name ‘jumpsuit’ was born.

There are various types of jumpsuits for both men and women.

  • Palazzo 
  • Romper
  • Boiler 
  • Dungaree 
  • Skinny/ Bodycon 
  • Culotte 
  • Straight cut
  • Sweatshirt 
  • playsuit
  • Longueshirt 
  • Flared/slit

Crop tops are meant to be stylish and comfortable. They are short in length so that the air can pass through the outfit and make you feel cool and cozy in hot summers.

Till the temperatures are extremely hot and humid, crop tops will always be in trend. They are not only a wise choice to wear in summer but look super chic and stylish effortlessly.