Cancellations & Returns

If you want to return or cancel your ordered item/s, you can send us a request by browsing the ‘My Account’ tab of our store. The process is very intuitive and easy to understand.


You can also send us an email at to request a return or cancellation. Our customer executives will reach you to resolve your request within XYZ hours.

We Have Different Return Policies for Indian and International Customers

Our Return Policy for Indian Customers

Priya Chaudhary is proud to feature an XYZ days transparent return policy without any hassle. When and How an Indian Customer can Ask for a Return?

If a Priya Chaudhary customer is not satisfied with the ordered product. Then, he/she can ask for a refund for using the ‘my account’ section of our store or by directly sending us an email at within 7 days of the order’s delivery. Priya Chaudhary will send a delivery person to pick-up the order from your location and start the return process. (the pickup facility might not be available at some particular pin codes). Priya Chaudhary offers you two options to process the refund amount:-

1. Priya Chaudhary Credit : To complete the return process, we can directly transfer the return amount to your “Priya Chaudhary account” This returned amount will be added as Priya Chaudhary credits, which can be later used for purchasing amazing Indian clothing item/s from our store instead of paying again. However, this credit transfer is only made when we receive our products in fine condition.

2. Bank Return : We can also directly transfer the return amount to your bank account. You just need to provide the appropriate banking details. We need the account holder's name, A/C no, IFSC Code, bank name, and branch code to complete the refund process. However, we deduct ₹xyz for processing, shipping, and re-stocking.

  • If you request a return due to our mistake in shipment fulfillment. Whether we have sent a wrong item, damaged or defective product, we are liable to replace the item or provide a full refund amount as per your request.
  • The refund process only begins once we will receive the product in its original condition. Then only we validate your return request.

We will be inspecting the product, once you have initiated a return. In the event, when a return process cannot take place due to any reason (Ex; customer misused the product or courier company made a mistake), the accountability will be completely on the customer to reach Priya Chaudhary again to schedule another return process. If you don’t contact us within the return window (XYZ days), Priya Chaudhary will reject your further exchange or return requests for the product. Returns requests at Priya Chaudhary are only fulfilled when the customer has accepted an untampered parcel.

Once your return request gets approval by our team, we initiate the bank refund or Priya Chaudhary credit amount within XYZ days. However, if your returned product doesn’t qualify for the refund process, we will be sending the same package back to your location. In both events, your return request will be ended within XYZ of our picking up the package for return. However, we won’t be responsible for any damage that has taken place during the return shipping process. When you initiate a return request, you also agree that you won’t create any dispute to the decision taken by Priya Chaudhary and gracefully accept our decision for the return validation, i.e., if the requested product qualifies for return or not. Invalid returns will be reverted back to the customer/s and will be in our backlist and will be ineligible for future purchases. If a customer repeatedly refuses COD orders, will lead to disqualification from the COD facility for him/her. If a customer asks for repeated returns of products i.e., about more than 50% of the delivered products, every future order will be non-cancellable and non-returnable. All future orders will be processed under these conditions.

All returnable items must be clean, unused, undamaged, and unwashed in their original condition. Priya Chaudhary only accepts return items in their original packaging, including all the packing materials such as polyester bags, shoe boxes, dust bags, hangers, hang tags on clothing, etc. Any item in the return process that has been damaged, soaked, altered, or soiled will not qualify for a refund and will be sent back to our customer.

Priya Chaudhary doesn’t accept returns, refunds, or exchanges on the following products;

  • Product 1
  • Product 2
  • Product 3
  • Product 4
  • Product 5

Our Refunds are made:

  1. If the customer has made the payment with Cash on Delivery, then the refund is initiated via bank transfer.
  2. If the customer had made the payment by using debit/credit/net banking, then the refund amount is sent back to the respective account/card.

Our Cancellation Policy for Indian Customers

If you have made an order by mistake or simply want to cancel an order, then you need to request a cancellation within 24 hours of placing the order. You can directly contact our support team at

  • If you cancel your order within the cancellation window, then we are liable to return the full amount of the bill to your bank account/card used for the payment.
  • We do not accepts any cancellation request after 24 hours of ordering the product.

When a customer requests a cancellation at Priya Chaudhary, he/she agrees not to create any dispute regarding the decision taken by Priya Chaudhary, and gracefully accept our decision about the cancellation.

Our Return Policy for International Customers

If our international customers want to return Priya Chaudhary products; then they can refer to our return policy for international customers:

  1. You can only return eligible product/s within 7 days of receiving the product/s. Our store clearly mentions the return eligibility for international returns for all its products. Xyz items cannot be returned internationally.
  2. We recommend making sure that your preferred products are eligible for international returns before you make any purchase at Priya Chaudhary. Not all the products at Priya Chaudhary are eligible for international returns.
  3. Priya Chaudhary team must receive and approve your return request before processing the refund. Once your return request has been approved by our customer executive, you will be required to ship the product to our office in New Delhi, India. We will send you the confirmed return address via email.
  4. Only the customer is responsible for the safety of the returned items. Priya Chaudhary will not be responsible for any damage caused during the transportation of the product/s to our given address.
  5. We only initiate the refund amount once we do quality checks for any tampering. If your refund is approved, you can either receive Priya Chaudhary store credits or directly get the amount on your respective bank account/card used for the payment. However, we will charge ₹xyz for processing, re-stocking, and reshipping.
  6. If you ever receive an incorrect/damaged/tampered product, you can directly reach us at and attach a picture of the damaged/incorrect product in the email. However, this must be done within 48 hours of receiving your order. We will be liable to issue a full refund for the product.
  7. Priya Chaudhary focuses on resolving international return requests within XYZ working days. If you have any doubt regarding your return request, we are always listening! Drop us an email at, and our customer executive team will try it’s best to resolve your issue.
  8. All custom duties applied to the product/s during the return process shall be paid by the customer.
  9. All return requests will only be handled by Priya Chaudhary.

If you are an international customer and want to request an exchange, then also these policies are applicable to your exchange request. For any further questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us at

Our Cancellation Policy for International Customers

If you have made an order by mistake or simply want to cancel an order, then you need to request a cancellation within 24 hours of placing the order. You can directly contact our support team at

  • If you cancel your order within the cancellation window, then we are liable to return the full amount of the bill directly to your bank account/card used for the payment.
  • We do not accept any cancellation request after 24 hours of ordering the product.

Cancellation from Our Side

It might not always be possible to accept/deliver certain orders. Priya Chaudhary has complete liberty and the right to refuse or cancel any order. It might be a shortage of stocks, inaccuracies in product description or specifications, problems from our payment gateways, etc. Priya Chaudhary requires proper verification and details before accepting any order for fulfillment. We might contact you if your order gets canceled from our side or requires additional information to fulfill the order. If we cancel your order after you have already made the payment, we are liable to return the amount back to your bank account or card.

When we cancel an order from our side, you agree not to create any dispute regarding the cancellation and you will gracefully accept the decision taken by us.

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