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Privacy Policy

At Priya Chaudhary Label, we understand that our user values their privacy and wants to learn how their personal information is being shared and used. We want you to know that we take your privacy very seriously. You should read the given document to learn details about our company's privacy policy. When you visit, domain name, any linked pages, content, features, and any other services, you agree to the policies and practices that we define in this Privacy Policy. You are giving your acknowledgment and consent to our data collection, use, sharing of your information as elaborated in this Privacy Policy. The Capitalized Terms that are not elaborated in this Privacy Policy have been explained in our Terms & Conditions.

What Does Our Privacy Policy Cover?

This Privacy Policy explains our treatment of personal information that we collect while you are accessing our Website and other features. This policy only applies to our site visitors and does not apply to other companies that we do not control or own or the people who do not employ and operate.

We strictly avoid collecting personal information from any individual under 13 years old or even allow such individuals to register to our services (this policy is clearly elaborated in our Terms & Conditions). In case you are under 13-year-old, we advise you not to register for any of the services provided by our Website or send information about yourself to our company. We highly recommend the minors not to share their name, address, email address, or telephone number. No one under the age of 13 should provide any confidential information to our service providers or us. Suppose we find that we have obtained personal information of an individual under the age of 13 without any parental consent and verification. In that case, we will be liable to delete that confidential information as soon as possible. If you think that we might have collected any personal information of an individual under 13, please feel to contact us at

What Information Does PCL Collect?

PCL collects various Personal Information from its users; this policy will give you a fair idea. We utilize this Personal Information for various things such as personalizing and improving our services. Our company allows individuals to create their user account and profile, reach other users. We use your information for fulfilling your requests for specific products and services. Our experts analyze how users browse the Website to understand their preferences. All of this comes under our Privacy Policy. Furthermore, we may have to share some specific Personal Information with third parties (as explained in the section below). We gather the below-mentioned information from our users.

Information You Give to Us:

We obtain and store any Personal Information that you provide us with your consent. We have to collect Personal Information such as your name, phone number, user name, credit card, debit card, other banking information, addresses, etc. Sometimes we may also collect your friend's email addresses in order to invite them to use our services. We can also gather your third-party account credential, such as Facebook credentials, for login. Our company also has the right to collect information from your Facebook account related to your personal preferences and interests. If you login to PCL by using Facebook Connect, you acknowledge the fact that some of the content available on your Facebook account will be shared into your account with PCL when you agree to such transactions. You have the option not to provide any of the information by making a special request. However, in such a scenario, you won't be able to take full advantage of our features and may not be able to register as well.

We might anonymize your Personal Information, which means you cannot be individually identified, and this anonymized information is shared with our partners. For instance, we permit advertisers to select the demographic data of users who are going to see their advertisements. You completely agree that we might use any of the provided information that we have gathered to permit our advertisers to choose the right audience for their advertisements. We might make them aware of the fact that you have purchased or enquired about a particular brand, to show you advertisements related to the company that sells products according to your interests. However, the company won't know about your identity. You will be completely anonymous to them.

Automatically Collected Information

  • When you are interacting or accessing our Website, we will automatically receive and register technical information from your browser about your IP address, "cookies," and the page that you are browsing. "Cookies" are used as the identity of your computer or device that allows us you acknowledge your browser or device. It helps us to learn how and when you accessed the webpages of our Website. You still have options on your internet browser to limit or prevent cookies. However, this act might create a hindrance to enjoy the full benefits of our services. PCL's advertising partners might transmit cookies to your computer or device when you are clicking the ads shown on our site. Our Privacy Policy does not include cookies transmitted to you by any of our advertisement partners.
  • While collecting the usage information (the number and frequency of visitors on our Website and specific webpages), we are liable to use the data in aggregate form to ensure the users' complete anonymity. However, our partners have the right to use such anonymous information to learn how often and in what approach people access our Website. It is done for our partners to ensure you an optimal online experience. We might transmit a cookie on your device that understands what products you have browsed on our Website. This information is sent to a third-party website in a non-personally identifiable form. These third-party websites are then allowed to show ads relevant to the products you have browsed.

We can also send you a file through the Website (called "Web Beacon) from an advertising agency we have contracted with. These beacons make it possible for the advertisers to deliver anonymized auditing, research, and reporting for our partners and us. Web Beacons are also responsible for providing ad networks to focus on targeted advertisements whenever you visit some other websites. These beacons keep an eye on the products you have browsed recently and show you similar product ads when visiting another website. The advertising companies can view, edit, or even establish their own cookies whenever you request a web page from their site. Many of the advertising companies take part in the Networking Advertising Initiative (NAI). It is a collaborative association of online marketing and analytics organizations focusing on developing consumer awareness and creating accountable data and business management operations and standards. The NAI members might allow you to remove the cookies or beacons that they deliver to you. However, we don't have any control over our third parties' policies, including the advertising agencies.

Email and Other Communications

We might be contacting you by using email or other means of communication. For instance, we might send you promotional offers on the representation of other businesses or contact you about your use of our Website. We receive a confirmation alert when you open an email sent by us. If you are not interested in receiving an email from us, you have to mention your account settings' preferences.

Will the PCL Share my Personal Information that it Receives with Anyone?

No, we cannot rent or sell your personal information in identifiable form to anyone. We always value your personal information; thus, we can also share your Personal Information in an identifiable form with the trust third parties:

Affiliated Third parties and Businesses That We Do Not Control or Own:

There might be some situations where affiliated businesses and third-party websites might want to sell their products or provide service through our Website. It could do along or with our collaboration. You can acknowledge when such an affiliated business is associated with making such transactions or providing service. We will be sharing your Personal Information with the affiliated party only relating to that particular transaction or service. Such services can have the ability to automatically transmit the information from your PCL account through your third-party account, such as Facebook. We want to make it clear that we have no control or governance over the policies and practices determined by third-party businesses and websites. Thus, if you have decided to take part in such a transaction or service, we highly recommend you check all the business or website policies.

The Agents

We recruit various people to perform multiple tasks that might need us to share your information to recommend the best products and services. However, none of our agents have the right to use your Personal Information beyond our tasks and operations. It is illegal to use your Personal Information for any personal use or fishy business.

User Accounts and Content

There is some user profile information such as the user's username or display image that the PCL user has updated to the Website might be shown to the other users to enable user interactions within the PCL website. Any content you upload or publish on your user account acknowledges that the information is publicly available and can be obtained and utilized by other users. Your username will be displayed to other users of our Website whenever you post comments or upload images. The other users can also contact you through the comments that you make on the Website. If you have signed in by using Facebook Connect, your friend list from Facebook may be automatically imported to PCL. If they are also registered users of PCL, they may gain access to some non-public information from your user profile. However, we again want to make it clear that we have no control over the policies and practices of any other third-party business, Website, or service.

Business Transfers

When buying or selling assets, we might use customer information as one of the businesses for transfer for a smooth transaction. We may need to transfer our assets (includes your personal information) if we are acquired, go out of business, or enter bankruptcy; your personal information will be one of the assets acquired by the third party business.

Protection of the PCL and Others

We might need to release Personal Information to comply with law and order. You essentially agree to the fact that PCL can take necessary steps to protect its right, property, and safety. We might need to exchange Personal Information with the Indian Government Authorities in order to give you protection from fraud and reduce the risk of credit card scams.

Your Consent:

Whenever we share your personal information with a third-party, you will be given a notification to decide whether you want the sharing of your information.

What is the Safety of My Personal Information?

PCL uses enhanced password protection for enhanced privacy and security protocols. In case if you are using Facebook Connect for logging into your account, you will be to benefit from the additional sign-in protection measures provided by Facebook. However, it is still your duty to protect your password and limit access to your computer by signing out after you are finished browsing our Website to avoid unauthorized access. We are always dedicated to secure your account's privacy and other Personal Information secured on our Website. However, it is not possible to give you the guarantee of complete protection and security. Software or hardware failure, hacking, and other factors might be responsible for compromising user information confidentiality at any point in time. We might have included some links from other websites. However, we are never responsible for the practices or privacy policies of these third-party websites. When you are navigating to another site by using an external link, you must read that site's privacy policy to be informed.

Access to Your Personal Information

PCL allows its users to use their account settings to access, edit, or even delete their Personal Information. You can alter the following information that you have given to us:

  • Your Name and Password
  • Email Address
  • Shipping and billing data
  • User profile data and user-generated content
  • Images that you have uploaded to the site

The information that you view on our Website might change with the changes in our Website. If you are confused or have questions about our site up-gradation, then you can directly contact us at

What Options Do You Have?

  • You always have the choice not to share your information with us. However, we might need to take some information to permit you to register on our Website and take the best advantage of our services, features, etc. When you chose not to provide any information, your ability to browse our Website are heavily limited.
  • You have the right to add, edit, or delete your information, as we have already explained above. Whenever you are updating your information, we might keep a copy of the old version in our records for reference. By vising the account settings, you have the option to delete your account permanently. However, we need to mention the fact that some information will still remain in our private archives even after the deletion of an account. We have the right to use any aggregated data from your Personal Information. However, we don't use that information to identify you personally. It is just for building statistics and records.
  • If you don't want us to send an email and other mail to you, you are advised to change your account settings. In case you don't want to receive legal notices from our company such as this privacy policy, these notices will still be applicable over your use PCL website. You are always reasonable to review such legal notices to understand the updates and changes.

Changes in the PCL Privacy Policy

PCL might bring changes to this Privacy Policy occasionally. Therefore, the usage of the collected Personal Information is also subjected to change according to the updates. Whenever we are making changes to the way we treat your personal information, we are liable to notify you through our Website or send your direct email about the changes. You are responsible for following the Privacy Policy changes whenever they have been posted on the Website.

Questions or Doubts

If you are confused and have doubts about our Privacy Policy, then feel free to drop a detailed message at We will give our best efforts to resolve the confusion or doubt.