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Krishna Janmashtami Outfit Ideas For Women: A Guide To Look Elegant During The Celebrations

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Krishna Janmashtami Outfit Ideas For Women: A Guide To Look Elegant During The Celebrations

It's time for Dahi Handi celebrations, kids dressing up as Krishna & Radha in their Janmashtmi dress and visiting the decorated temples and shrines. Yes, you figured it out right; we are heading towards one of the most auspicious festivals in Hinduism, Janmashtami. It is the day of "the birth of Shri Krishna," or you may love to call him Kanha, Nadndlal, Govind, Gopala, Madhava, or any of his 108 names; Janmastmi isn't just a celebration but a festival to his devotees. And thus, everybody wants to do their best when it comes to their favorite's birthday.

While kids prepare for the Krishna Janmashtami celebrations by dressing up as Krishna, Radha, and other deities, men participate in the Dahi Handi celebrations. For women, the festival is an amazing opportunity to dress in their best ethnic wear Janmashtmi outfits. And thus, there are searches for what color I should wear on Janmashtmi and Janmashtami outfit ideas for women over the web. So, no matter if you are looking for an answer to the first or the second question, we have got you covered. Let's start by determining which color you should wear during the Janmashtmi celebrations. 

Which Color Should One Wear On Krishna Janmashtmi?

Wearing a yellow Janmastmi dress is the best idea to take part in the Krishna Janmashtmi celebrations. Lord Krishna is also known as "Pitambar" (the one who wears yellow color). Also, Lord Krishna is bright and cheerful as the rising sun, and his aura of divinity glows in a bright yellow color. Thus, Hindus wear yellow clothes to honor Krishna, as the color compliments his personality perfectly.

Are you prepared with your yellow Janmashtami dress for the coming Janmashtami celebration? If not, we are here to assist you in selecting your perfect yellow ethnic outfit with handpicked Janamashtmi outfit ideas for women.

The Adorable Flowy Edit

Yellow Hand Embroidered Bandhani Cotton Kurta With Palazzo And Dupatta

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A monochrome outfit carrying the traditional touch of Rajasthan through detailed "Bandhani print work," this suit set is the right choice for your Janmashtmi and celebratory wardrobe. 

  • It is crafted with love from lightweight cotton and finished with alluring Bandhani patterns. 
  • The suit set features lovely detailing of Gota Patti detailing work with intricate details placed to keep you in the spotlight.

The Sunshine Edit

Yellow Hand Embroidered Kurta With Pants And Dupatta

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This subtle yellow Janmashtami dress reminds us of the] very first sun rays of the day that falls on our skin. Like them, soothing and calming this ensemble has everything you need to go throughout the celebrations effortlessly.

  • It is made of poplin and cambric cotton, providing you with the ultimate comfort you seek during the festivities. Also, it has beautiful floral embroidery and elegant lace detailing, making it a one-of-a-kind ethnic outfit. 
  • The flowy Anarkali design and breezy nature make it a perfect fit in Janmashtami outfit ideas for women

The Captivating Chanderi

Yellow Embroidered Chanderi Silk Kurta With Silk Palazzo And Organza Dupatta

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While searching for Janmashtami outfit ideas for women, it's common to look for a sheen outfit that perfectly complements the celebrations. It is a one-of-a-kind outfit that makes you feel special and enjoy the spotlight during the festivities.

  • The suit set is fabricated from pure Chanderi silk, which gives a rich and luxurious look. 
  • Also, the bottom hem of the pants has a scalloped design that compliments the outfit. The dupatta of this Janmashtami dress comes in a similar scalloped pattern. 

The Pristine Prints

Kora Yellow & Green Cotton Printed Kurta With Pants And Dupatta

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Have you ever experienced the scenic beauty of a blossoming mustard garden on sunny winter days? This beautiful yellow Janmashtami dress will radiate the same happy and positive vibes while making you feel pretty. 

  • It is made from breathable cambric cotton and features exemplary block printing work. Also, it showcases an A-line fit that you can flaunt all day long. 
  • The ensemble is an excellent choice among Janmashtami outfit ideas for women fasting for the Krishna Janmashtami festival because of its light and fluid nature.

The Floral Angrakha

Yellow Printed Angrakha Kurta With Pants And Dupatta

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As beautiful, bright, and graceful as a garden of Marigold flowers, this floral edit is ideal for Janmashtmi festivities.

  • The three-piece suit showcases an Angrakha-styled kurta fabricated from pure cotton fabric to help you enjoy the celebrations with ease. 
  • Also, it has fine detailing on the front to bring out your elegance and provide an essence of sophistication. 

The Charismatic Chikankari

Yellow Chikankari Cotton Kurta With White Palazzo

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If you are looking for a subtle yellow shade while searching for Janmashtami outfit ideas for women, then this light yellow suit set is precisely what you need. The two-piece suit set is not only a great Janamastmi outfit but is a popular choice among gift ideas for Janmashtami.

  • The ensemble is a beautifully embroidered ensemble showcasing the exquisite Chikankari handwork technique.
  • It carries lace detailing that gives it a modern touch making it the right choice for women who want to carry Indian traditional wear in a more sophisticated manner.

The Flowery Paradise

Light Yellow Cotton Printed Kurta With Pants And Dupatta

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The three-piece Indian ethnic suit set is a minimalistic yellow outfit covered in the elegance of lacework details. Made for the women who believe in the power of dressing simply, this outfit is the best pick among the Janmashtami outfit ideas for women for the minimalist in you. 

  • The light yellow Janmashtami Dress features gorgeous block printing and is wrapped in the finest cambric cotton fabric. 
  • Its minimalism and sophistication are too good to go unnoticed during Krishna Janmashtami celebrations.

And it's a wrap for the best Janmashtami outfit ideas for women and why you should wear yellow during Janamashtmi celebrations. To find more Janamashtmi outfit ideas, visit Priya Chaudhary Label. It is a brand known for making exquisite festive wear pieces that are an ideal amalgamation of traditional Indian ethnic wear and today's women's needs.


Janmashtmi is an auspicious Hindu festival that honors the birth of the Hindu God, Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is the most loved and worshiped God of all Indians; that is why the festival is celebrated with love and grandeur.

Little kids get dressed as Krishna and Radha; little boys wear costumes of lord Krishna as their Janamshtmi dress, whereas little girls dress up as Goddess Radha.

Krishna Janmashtmi's outfits are mostly in yellow and orange colors. It is believed that yellow is the color that describes Lord Krishna perfectly. Therefore, his devotees wear yellow Janmashtami dresses to please him. Also, thus, there is a great search for Yellow Janmashtami outfit ideas for women over the web.

People come up with unique Krishna Janmashtami celebration ideas during this time of the year. It is a beautiful time when you see little kids and teenagers dressed in different deities. To make the celebrations more interesting, you can look for Janmashtami outfit ideas for women and dress according to the occasion.